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Necromunda: Preview und Bücher-Verschiebung

Die kommenden drei Bücher für Necromunda: Underhive wurden verschoben und es gibt für das Book of Blades mit Schwerpunkt auf Haus Escher eine weitere Vorschau.

Necromunda: A New Roadmap

Earlier in the year, we showed off the plan for the future of Necromunda. Unfortunately, the global lockdown took us on a little diversion, but we’re back on track now! So, we’re pleased to show you the updated version of our Necromunda roadmap and give you a sneak peek at some of the rules for the new Escher Wyld Runners.

Games Workshop Necromunda A New Roadmap 1

This year we released House of Chains, and witnessed Goliath gangs unleash their might on the underhive. It featured never-before-seen lore for House Goliath, expanding them in a way that their workout routine couldn’t manage. It also included new ways to play and even a new gang – the Slave Ogryns.

Alongside this epic tome, models for the elite Stimmers and those up-and-comers, the Forge-born, were let loose in the underhive. These brought even greater tactical options to Goliath gangs – the Forge-born adding in some speed and the Stimmers generating extra shooting and even more brute force than Goliath already had access to.* Over the course of 2020, we’ll see two further books released – and more new models are coming with them.

Games Workshop Necromunda A New Roadmap 2

House of Blades will explore the background of the Eschers, while House of Iron will shed new light on the Orlocks, going deeper than ever before. Fans of these Houses will find themselves a comprehensive reference guide, filled with lore, expanded gang rosters and new tactics with which to rule the underhive. Followers of the other Houses will want to pick them up too, as they are incredible resources for Necromunda.**

Games Workshop Necromunda A New Roadmap 3

Alongside House of Blades come the awesome Wyld Runners models. Within Escher society, the Wyld are those who have yet to settle into a permanent place in the habs, cults or gangs. But there are some who never do – they prefer to strike out on their own into the hive wilderness, exploring the badzones and the wastes – these are the Wyld Runners. They’re a completely new take on the young prospects of the House, armed with a selection of deadly weapons.

Games Workshop Necromunda A New Roadmap 4

With these new weapons, you’ll get access to a host of interesting tactical options for the Matriarchs of House Escher. Those whips are extremely versatile, but it’s the bows that are going to have your enemies quivering. Your opponents will soon realise that an arrow can be just as deadly as a bullet, especially when it has a grenade strapped to it. These technical weapons can provide a range of different effects – perfect to support your heavy hitters.

Games Workshop Necromunda A New Roadmap 5

The Wyld bow is an incredibly flexible weapon, especially as it’s paired with a variety of different arrows. Use the standard one to quietly take out an opposing fighter without alerting anyone, or shoot the explosive arrow to disrupt a group of enemy gangers.

Wyld Runners can provide some crucial fire support in the early stages of a campaign, and they’ll quickly become incredible fighters in their own right thanks to their Fast Learner rule, which means they’ll soon be racking up advancements. Eventually, they can be promoted to a Gang Matriarch, allowing them to take advantage of the special rules of Escher Champions too.

House of Blades will be released in Q3 this year along with the new Wyld Runners models.

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