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Mojibake: Battle for Genbushan KS

Mojibake haben aktuell einen Kickstarter für ostasiatisch inspirierte Miniaturen im STL-Format am laufen.

Hi everybody, we’re Alex and Giulia, from Mojibake. Thank you for visiting our Battle for Genbushan page, hopefully you’re gonna go crazy for this bizarre army of badass warriors!

First things first: this original set contains many high quality pre-supported stl files (say thank’s to our first backers, who kindly asked us about this!;) ready to be 3D printed as miniatures or scaled up as bigger collectibles, you choose. They can be used for board games or painted as collectible figures. This set contains DIGITAL files only, not physical products! If you’re interested in 3D printed minis, please drop us a line.

So, if you’re a game player, a painter, a tales lover, a collector, a traveler or a fairy, this is for you.

By joining this campaign, you’ll get both characters, props and scatter terrains plus a FREE printable stl file as gift! Keep reading if you’d like to know more about this and find out what you’ll get by joining the Battle.

Mojibe KS1 Mojibe KS2 Mojibe KS3 Mojibe KS4 Mojibe KS5 Mojibe KS6 Mojibe KS7 Mojibe KS8 Mojibe KS9 Mojibe KS10 Mojibe KS11 Mojibe KS12 Mojibe KS13 Mojibe KS14 Mojibe KS15

Der Kickstarter hat sein Ziel von 1.500,00 EUR. noch nicht erreicht.

Die Kampagne läuft noch 25 Tage.

Link: Battle for Genbushan auf Kickstarter


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