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Konflikt ’47: Neuheiten

Warlord Games haben der schwer gepanzerten Infanteroie der Soviets ein Update verpasst.

Warlord K47 Soviet Heavy Infantry Mk II 01 Warlord K47 Soviet Heavy Infantry Mk II 02 Warlord K47 Soviet Heavy Infantry Mk II 03

Konflikt 47: Soviet Heavy Infantry Mk II – 32,50 GBP

Although the early heavy infantry armour fielded by the Soviets was both effective and functional, it was clear there was room to improve the design. Initial trials to convert the existing design to a more anti-infantry role were of limited worth and a new suit was commissioned to take advantage of increased understanding of the other nations’ Rift-tech advances. The Mark II suits benefit from more power assisted movement, heavier armour, and a broader range of weaponry, making them far more effective than the earlier suits. Production rates are not yet satisfactory and currently only the elite Guards units are receiving limited numbers, to spearhead shock assault formations.

In Konflikt 47, Mk II Heavy Armour confers the Tough, Slow and resilient special rules. Armed with assault rifles, this is a hardy unit that will prove difficult to dislodge from an objective.

Contains 8 metal models

Warlord K47 Soviet Armoured Infantry Officer MK II 01 Warlord K47 Soviet Armoured Infantry Officer MK II 02

Konflikt 47: Soviet armoured infantry officer Mk II – 10,00 GBP

The latest armour to be issued to heavy infantry units is designed to be more versatile than the first early copies of Allied and German Rift-technology. The need for officers to be at the spearhead of attacks has ensured that this version of the armour has included a version tailored to junior officers, with limited communications equipment and rudimentary optics.

This pack contains and officer and two accompanying veterans armed with assault rifles. The full rules for the MkII Armoured Officer can be found in the Konflikt ’47 Defiance supplement.

Contains 3 metal models

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