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Khurasan Miniatures: Weitere Previews

Khurasan Miniatures präsentieren weitere neue Preview Bilder auf Facebook.

Khurasan Miniatures Weitere Previews 01

uSUTHu! Unmarried Zulus in battle dress, superpose set, from our upcoming 15mm Anglo-Zulu War range. It’s very close to being released now.

Superpose provides the warriors with their shield held just by the central grip. We’ve made that as easy as possible on such finely proportioned models, but understanding that some modelers may prefer an easier and sturdier attachment, we’ve also had several sets made and designated ezbild — these have the tab on the side of the arm so the shield sits across the forearm and also touches the body for a stronger attachment. Should be just a few more weeks before the Zulus, first four British infantry sets, British Royal artillery, NNH and NNC are released ….

Khurasan Miniatures Weitere Previews 02 Khurasan Miniatures Weitere Previews 04 Khurasan Miniatures Weitere Previews 03

The late 17th century range continues to expand. Next to be released will be Karl XI Swedes, but here’s a sneak preview of American Militia in firing line, Monmouth Rebels marching, and Monmouth pikemen. I reckon the two different sub-ranges could be mixed quite a bit, although the English colonials in America typically fielded properly equipped pikemen. The Monmouth pikemen will come with pikes, which they had quite a few of, but there will be an option to give them scythes instead.

I think the Monmouths could be used as militias and other hastily gathered defenders in many period armies, or even as raw replacements in veteran regiments, awaiting proper uniform.

Strangely the English colonists in the Americas seem to have used apostles with flintlocks at times. Ours are made for King Philip’s War, in which the transition to the flintlock was well underway but not complete, so the men have a mix of long firearms. Probably a late spring or early summer release.


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