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Empress Miniatures: Weitere Neuheiten

Empress Miniatures präsentieren weitere Neuheiten auf Facebook.

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Véhicule blindé de combat d’infanterie.
1/50 scale for 28mm.
French Infantry fighting vehicle designed to replace the AMX-10P.[4] They entered active service with the French Army in 2008, with 630 vehicles ordered up to 2010. Spain and the UK have shown interest in the vehicle.
The Véhicule Blindé de Combat d’Infanterie is built on an aluminium hull which carries a modular THD steel and titanium armour, which can be replaced in the field. The 8×8 wheel combination is designed to make the VBCI more comfortable and less costly than a tracked vehicle, while giving it sufficient mobility to back the Leclerc tank. The VBCI is also designed to be transportable by the Airbus A400M, with an empty mass less than 18 tonnes (full load mass up to 28 tonnes).
Our model has the protective curtains that can be used or not as the customer wishes.

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New Iron Duke pack in the shop.
GAPS 4 Sikh Irregular Matchlockmen (or bandukchis)(Set I), firing line, with tulwars and slung shields. (8 figs). Not yet available.
[Suitable for both jagirdari irregular infantry [the retinue troops of great men] or Fauj-i-qilajat [garrison troops] in the 1st and 2nd Anglo-Sikh Wars].


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