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Creatures & Monsters: Kickstarter läuft

Es gibt wieder allerlei Fantasymodelle auf Kickstarter.

Juegorama returns with “Monsters & Creatures” a miniature campaign focused on evil creatures and monsters.

Compatible with any role-playing game, wargame, dungeon crawler, or board game, it is also perfect for miniature collectors and painters. Additionally, you can use the miniatures in our D&D 5E compatible adventures (SRD).

The rewards include:

  • An amazing 190mm (7.48 inches) tall Giant Dragon (Gargantuan size)
  • Three 45mm (1.77 inches) tall Giant Worms
  • A horrifying 72mm (2.83 inches) long Night Beast

And we have also included two epic immersive role-playing adventures, where you will find these menacing Monsters and Creatures.  2 full color books with different levels, pre-generated heroes and fully compatible with D&D 5E (SRD).

We’ve made our campaign as flexible as possible, so you can get what you really want:

  • Different reward levels at incredible prices + Stretch Goals.
  • Add-ons to pick the miniatures or the adventures on their own + Stretch Goals.
  • All-in-one pledge from day one, to ensure that you can get all the free Stretch Goals.

More information in the Rewards section below.

As we have done in previous campaigns, we want to offer you the best quality miniatures with the highest level of detail. For that reason, they will be manufactured using our high quality resin, which is resistant, flexible and brings the highest level of detail.

The miniatures are compatible with a 32mm scale (human size from base to eye line), for them to be compatible with our “The Adventurers” miniatures, and all other miniatures in the market

JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 1 JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 2 JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 3

These enemies will appear in our D&D 5E (SRD) compatible role-playing adventures.
You can also use them for other board games, role-playing games, or just to paint and enjoy this amazing miniatures.
Remember that all miniatures included are unassembled and unpainted.

We have created 2 amazing adventure books, compatible with the 5th edition of the most popular role-playing game in the world.

Ulgaralath’s Seal” Created by Míchel González, for levels 2-3.

JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 4

Synopsis: The town of Kilward is getting ready for their yearly worm hunt. The characters will have to find the means to earn some quick money in this festive environment and, luckily, pick the interest of a wealthy local patron in need of their skills. But a dark and dangerous secret returns from a forgotten era during the competition. To avoid disaster, the characters will have to participate in a crazy race if they want to stop the rising darkness.

“Misfortune Hill” Created by David Monedero, for Lv 8.

JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 5

Synopsis: The region of Four Winds is a place of passage for many weary travelers in need of rest on the road. But the situation there is far from normal, and the adventurers will soon discover that the people of Four Winds live with a presence that rules the land, and pulling that thread can prove more than what they had bargained for. Will the heroes put an end to the curse of “Misfortune Hill”?

You can read a short sample of our second adventure, but beware because there are light spoilers. Please, keep in mind that this is still a work in progress and does not represent the final layout of the campaign.

JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 6

 Each adventure will have a length of around 25-30 full color pages, with soft cover, designed for 4-5 game sessions, although that’s up to each Game Master and adventurers group.

  • As a detail for our previous backers, each adventure will include 5 predesigned heroes from our “The Adventurers” collection.
  • Beautiful illustrations by Mateusz Wilma.
  • Maps and dungeons for each adventure.
  • The Dragon, Worms, and the Night Beast will be used in these adventures, provided with their attributes for 5E system RPG.

Naturally, the adventures will be both in English and Spanish. Both languages translated and proofread by native speakers. You can select your language in the pledge manager after the campaign.

Meet the creators:

Míchel González is a seasoned Dungeon Master with more years of experience behind him than he is willing to confess. Aside from dungeon mastering from his channel weekly (http://youtube.com/MíchelGonzález_RolTV),he also does video reviews, role-playing techniques, game system analysis… And he still has time to master at game cons! He has written adventures for the Spanish crowdfunding of Coriolis, and several adventures for the publisher Shadowlands, and he has even hinted something about “a huge project, about which I cannot say much yet”. Yes, he also has a great sense for the dramatic.

David Monedero (Santander, 1981) is a writer, head of content of the D&D adventures App “Digital d20”, and creator of role-playing games and adventures for more than 25 years. He has published the role-playing game “Microscopia” and the Sci-fi novel “Escape de 21-13”, aside from many role-playing articles and tales in magazines (“Crítico”, “Presura”) and many adventures. Currently, he is also running a relevant Dungeons & Dragons content blog, and also translates the articles from the famous web “Dungeon Solvers”.http://www.davidmonedero.com

For backers who don’t know our “The Adventurers“ miniature collection

JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 7

Juegorama offers amazing miniatures, with the best detail level. We use a very resistant and flexible plastic resin for our 32mm miniature range.

To achieve the best results for our Dragon miniature, they will be manufactured with vacuum casting. In addition, our resin is very resistant and with a great level of detail.

All of the miniatures will be done with a high quality resin for maximum detail. We are so confident in the quality of our products, that if you find any manufacturing flaws and send a picture of it to our quality department, once confirmed we will send you a new one. Guaranteed!

Our manufacturing process is digital sculpting, 3d printing of prototypes and vacuum casting.

JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 8 JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 9

Certain miniatures require assembly and have been designed for easy assembly.

Some, like the worms, will not require assembly while others, like the dragon, will need extra pieces.

JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 10

Die Pledges:

JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 11 JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 12 JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 13 JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 14 JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 15

Die Stretch Goals:

JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 16 JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 17 JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 18 JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 19 JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 20 JR Juegorama Monsters & Creatures 21

Die Kampagne läuft noch 7 Tage.

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