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Cartoon Miniatures: Tales of Meowland

Nach Mäusen und Hamster trifft bei Cartoon Miniatures nun die Katzen: Tales of Meowland.

Cartoon Miniatures  Tales Of Meowland Cartoon Miniatures  Tales Of Meowland2 Cartoon Miniatures  Tales Of Meowland3 Cartoon Miniatures  Tales Of Meowland4 Cartoon Miniatures  Tales Of Meowland5 Cartoon Miniatures  Tales Of Meowland6 Cartoon Miniatures  Tales Of Meowland7

Cartoon Miniatures –  Tales of Meowland

  • 1x Mini 10,00 USD
  • 3x Minis 24,00 USD
  • 6x Minis 39,00 USD

Beware! Lovely and dangerous cats are here!
Meowland warriors coming to free their kingdom from rats-invaders

• Meowgelior – The wise and old keeper of the forest!
• Meowndin – Barbarian, unparalleled in strength and courage!
• Meowrisa – Real rebel who seeks adventure on the tail!
• Meowrona – Student of the world famous Academy of Magic and Magic of Meowland!
• Sir Labcepuff – A knight without fear and reproach. Meowland keeper and fish fan!

Can you really get past these kittens?

Buy  scalebro.com/miniatures/tales-of-meowland/

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