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Bad Squiddo Games: Neuheiten

Bei Bad Squiddo gibt es einige Neuheiten im Shop.


Vera Lynn – ENSA (2) – 8,00 GBP

We were indeed to meet again.

The wonderful Vera Lynn became synonymous with British patriotism due to her many performances during WW2 to the troops, often in dangerous warzones across Burma, India and Egypt. She is shown here in her tropical ENSA uniform, as well as a beautiful dress in one of her more traditional stage performances back home.

The pack consists of two miniatures, cast in high quality pewter, sculpted by Alan Marsh. 28mm scale, single piece and fit great with all popular WW2 ranges. Provided unpainted, shown painted by John Morris.


Jada the Subtle – 8,00 GBP

Jada the Subtle was the greatest fictional warrior of Snotengaham, which later formed part of Mercia, and is known today as Nottingham. The legends say that even when her people were defeated by the invading Vikings, she single handedly destroyed an entire fleet, using her mixture of cunning, impressive strength and endurance, as well as years of pent up rage.

When the follow up fleet arrived and discovered what happened, instead of sadness for their friends, they were immensely impressed by such a feat. They gifted Jada with many fine garments, a mixture of beautiful dresses as well as brand new and extra cool fighting gear. And while it was not intentional, the skoggskatter from the boats immediately ran to her and began doing the weird leg rub thing, so they let her keep them.

Believing her to be Freyja in human form, they swore allegiance. Jada however, explained that she was just real tired and asked if she could have a small cabin and not be bothered – to which they obliged.

Supplied unpainted, 28mm scale two parts, cast in high quality pewter. No base supplied.

Sculpted by Alan Marsh, display painted by John Morris.


Danuta – Auntie Antifascist – 4,50 GBP

Danuta Danielsson, aka „The Woman with the Handbag“ was famously photographed walloping a neo nazi around the back of the head in Växjö, Sweden on 13 April 1985. This has become a very symbolic photo and one we’re a big fan of, so let’s recreate that moment!

The mini does not come with a nazi miniature as there are plenty of them, but not enough of people whacking them. So you can make your mini twack anything or anyone you like, HOURS OF FUN.

Supplied unpainted, 28mm scale one part, cast in high quality pewter.

Sculpted by Alan Marsh,

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Miko – Vampire Hunter – 4,00 GBP

Miko has the largest sense of humour of the Anti Vamp Squad. Much to the annoyance of the others, she will quite often throw cringey puns into the heart of battle. As well as stabby stabs.

This is a 28mm scale unpainted metal miniature from Bad Squiddo Games, provided unpainted.

Sculpted by Gary Morley and shown painted by Paul Cubbin.

This miniature was sculpted in 2014 as part of the Vampire Slayers Club range, which was purchased by Bad Squiddo in 2016.

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Leo the Lion King – 7,50 GBP

Behold, Leo! He is mighty! He is large boi!


Built to be a a super sized lion, he works across many scales, depending how big or small you need him to be. See the additional images for size comparison next to a 28mm human and standard lion figure. He makes the perfect size for a 28m miniature to use as a mount. RIDE HIM TO VICTORY!

Sculpted by Phil Hynes, shown painted by Andrew Taylor

Supplied unpainted, cast in high quality metal, single piece.

1699886294 1699878966

Pete & Tom: Heavy Horses – 14,00 GBP

These are two of the real big heavy horses. They are actually 28mm scale, that’s how big those breeds are!

Oozing with character, Pete and Tom make some excellent friends to be observing shenanigans from their field, being ridden into battle or helping some land army ladies with various tasks. See the gallery for a scale pic next to a 28mm human figure.

Sculpted by Phil Hynes, shown painted by Andrew Taylor

Supplied unpainted, cast in high quality metal, single piece.


War Correspondents – 10,00 GBP

The pack consists of 3 miniatures, cast in high quality pewter, sculpted by Alan Marsh. 28mm scale and fit great with all popular WW2 ranges. Supplied unpainted.

The first in our range of Women of WW2: USA! These war correspondents are based on Lee Miller, Toni Frissell and Ruth Cowan, though you can use them for any of the many who took this role. This was photographing and writing about what was happening, often in highly dangerous warzones. It was (and still is) and exceedingly important in informing the public and the government what was happening.

Ruth Cowen

Her new boss’ first words of greeting were, “Get that woman out of here!”. Despite being the first accredited female war reporter (along with Inez Robb), Ruth had been a reporter for 19 years before she began covering warzones. She paved the way for over 100 who would follow her during the course of WW2, fighting her own side skirmish against sexism. Cowen worked in North Africa then onto England and France, and enjoyed boasting about her she kept her blonde hair topped up by mixing the dye in her helmet!

Lee Miller

Probably the most famous female war reporter, Miller had an established career as a model and then photographer for Vogue. She switched as soon as the Blitz began, as she was in London at the time. From London, she traveled further onward to France and Germany covering many distressing events with her evocative photography. In this model I have shown her lowering her helmet while witnessing the aftermath of the Dresden bombing.

Toni Frissell

Another photographer for Vogue and the stars, Frissell began volunteering for the American Red Cross, stating in 1941 „I became so frustrated with fashions that I wanted to prove to myself that I could do a real reporting job.“, later she became the official photographer for the Women’s Army Corps (WAC). As well as documenting the European front, her work covered the women and African-American men of the US army, who had been previously overlooked.


Sergio the Sax Man – 5,00 GBP


When vampires and other creatures of the night threaten you and your gang, you need… SERGIO! With his hypnotic saxophone playing he will boost the stats of any adventuring party. Just please tell him to play something other than Careless Whisper…

This is one 28mm scale unpainted metal miniature from Bad Squiddo Games, shown painted by Em Durrant/Electric Eve.

Sculpted by Alan Marsh.

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