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AntiMatter Games: Rogues Gallery Kickstarter

AntiMatter Games hat einen Kickstarter für eine bunte Sammlung von STL Dateien gestartet.

Rogues Gallery 1

Rogues Gallery – 3D printable Heroes and Monsters of Legend – Kickstarter

3D printable Heroes and Monsters of Legend from the Uncharted Realms


Rogues Gallery 2 Rogues Gallery 3 Rogues Gallery V4

3D File Design

Miniatures are single-part with a separate base, or sliced into parts, where it helps in printing or when there are different part options, such as different weapons. For best results, we recommend resin printers as they will capture all of the fine detail of the models, though filament (FDM) printers will produce great results also. Scenery STL files are designed for FDM printing and come sliced and keyed and are set up to fit within a print area of 220 x 220 mm.

STL rewards from the main pledges are set for delivery via download links after the project ends, within the first 3 weeks. Stretch goals may take longer as we may need to complete the 3D sculpting before they are available, but they should be done within 4-6 weeks.

Printed Example

There models have tremendous amounts of detail and are best suited for resin printing. Here is an example of Corbram, the Barbarian Lord, printed on an Anycubic Photon and painted. He is also shown with a Daggertooth King Lizard, a model available as an Add-On.

Rogues Gallery 5 Rogues Gallery 6 Rogues Gallery 7


We are providing the models with a pre-supported option for those that want them. Pre-supported models are created with Chitubox.

Rogues Gallery V8

Pledge Levels

There are three main pledge types. The Adventurer pledge get the Core Rewards, which include miniatures and scenery and stretch goals for individual character miniatures. Other stretch goals can be added for an additional amount as shown on their picture. The Champion pledge gets the Core Rewards and all of the stretch goals as well as the New Add-Ons. The Treasure Hoard includes all of the Core Rewards, stretch goals and the New Add-Ons as well as Add-Ons from previous projects (Multiple GB of files) and $30 of extra add-ons of your choice from the Special Add-Ons. The final pledge is the Mega Hoard, which includes everything from the Treasure Hoard as well as all of the Special Add-Ons and the opportunity to enter a contest to win a new Elegoo Mars Pro 3D printer (see Social Promotion & Contest below). Each pledge level gets its STL Rewards as well as PDF rulebook files for DeepWars and ShadowSea and the Stygian Depths.

If you want just to collaborate or have access to the Add-Ons you may consider the Basic level at just $1. These backers get the Rulebook  PDFs, so it is a great way to get playing.

Any pledge level can be modified with the addition of Add-Ons, shown at the bottom of the page. Simply increase your pledge amount for the add-on you want. These can be STL files or Pre-printed models or a combination. You will let us know your choices at the end of the project in the Pledge Survey.

Rogues Gallery 9 Rogues Gallery 10 Rogues Gallery 11 Rogues Gallery 12 Rogues Gallery 13 Rogues Gallery 14

Pre-Printed Models

Backers can choose to get a Pre-Printed model from the Core Rewards and unlocked Stretch Goals. Small miniatures are printed in resin while large monsters will be printed in PLA with a filament (FDM) printer. These are Add-Ons that are added to a pledge simply by adding the $ amount for the model you want. For those that just want Pre-printed models, you can pledge the $1 level and then put in the amount of the models instead of $1.

Pre-printed rewards will be printed and shipped within 3-6 weeks of the end of the project for those 3D files that are already  completed. For stretch goals that are still being sculpted, it will be 3-6 weeks from the time they are completed. Shipping of pre-printed items is handled outside the kickstarter project and calculated based on weight per country.  Typically, shipments in the US will be $5 for anything under one pound in weight. For the EU or UK, it will be $13 for anything under 8 ounces.

Miniatures will come with protective packaging and a game card with statistics and background information for our games.

To see a bigger image, click on the picture below.

Rogues Gallery 15 Rogues Gallery 16 Rogues Gallery 17

Stretch Goals

If we are funded past the initial goal, we will unlock Stretch Goals. Some stretch goals may be available for an additional cost for the Adventurer pledge but are all free to Champion, Treasure Hoard and Mega Hoard backers.

Rogues Gallery 18 Rogues Gallery 19 Rogues Gallery V20 Rogues Gallery 21 Rogues Gallery V22 Rogues Gallery 23 Rogues Gallery 24 Rogues Gallery 25 Rogues Gallery 26 Rogues Gallery 27 Rogues Gallery 28 Rogues Gallery 29 Rogues Gallery 30 Rogues Gallery 31 Rogues Gallery 32 Rogues Gallery 33


Backers may choose to add some of our existing 3D models to a pledge.  There are the New Add-Ons from this campaign, shown below and Add-Ons from our previous kickstarter projects. Simply add the $ amount to the pledge and after the project ends you can include the item in the survey to make sure we add it to your rewards.

For those that just want Add-Ons, you can pledge the $1 level and then put in the amount of the Add-On instead of $1.

Rogues Gallery 34 Rogues Gallery 35 Rogues Gallery 36 Rogues Gallery 37


Die Kampagne steht bei 11.000+ USD und ist damit (Ziel waren 6.000 USD) finanziert. Sie endet am 18. August 2020 17:57 CEST.

Wer mehr Infos über die Details der PledgeLevel und die möglichen Add-Ons aus älteren Kampagnen möchte, sollte die Seite des Kickstarters besuchen.


Link: Rogues Gallery KS

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