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Alternative Armies: Neuheiten

Alternative Armies zeigt Neuheiten.

Br034 Composite 1000pix 1024x1024 Br034 Scale 1000pix 1024x1024 Br034 Scenic 1000pix 1024x1024

BR034 FUEL TANK 01 – 4,00 GBP

This liquid storage tank is a typical sight at any aerospace facility across Terranic space. Use it to represent liquid tritium fuel, unstable hydrazine propellant, or whatever your spaceport needs to keep your aerospace ships in the air.

A single highly detailed resin model in 6mm scale. It could be empty or it could contain highly volatile gas or perhaps something even more vital. The model is 35mm tall and 30mm across. No assembly required.
In the images here you can see the Fuel Tank flanked by a Tiger Combat Walker and the mighty Sekmet Assault Rig mecha.  Also the Fuel Tank is in play as a Stalker Missile Carrier and Nemian Assault Tank in desert colours make their way past it.  These miniatures are not supplied and are for scale purposes only.



“If you go down to the woods today you better go with some allies. Its no picnic in the Darkling woods my fellows. Centuries ago a wicked mage lived in those woods the kind of magic wielder who would turn you to stone just for looking in his direction. A really nasty piece of work that got his powers from the planes of unreality. But he met a good end at sword tip delivered by a band of mercenaries that were hired for the job. The rub though is that upon his end the mage detonated in a rush of rainbow magic that spread out through the forest. By the time those hired swords were making for the edges of the woods there were dozens of demonically possessed trees chasing them. Yes, trees with evil spirits can move and move fast. Grabbing at you with long sharp wooden fingers and chewing you with bark fused teeth. If your going down to to the woods today…leave me out of it.”

This code contains one 28mm resin and metal monster kit approx 40mm in height which is made up of three pieces (body, left arm, right arm).  The Tree Demon is an Ent or otherwise living thinking wooden creature.  This model works in 28mm scale or 15mm scale even in 6mm scale making it very useful.

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