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Zealot: Gothic Dresser / Cupboard

Zealot zeigen ihre erste Neuheit in diesem Jahr und geben einen Ausblick auf 2019.

Zealot Cuboard 02 Zealot Cuboard 01

Gothic Dresser / Cupboard – 13,80 GBP

The modular Gothic Dresser is a large scenery piece which can be assembled as a set of shelves by attaching the shelf pieces, which slide in. Or as cupboard, by attaching the door pieces, gluing them to the front.

The top section can be used together with the base part for one tall furniture piece, or separately to create two lower scenery items.

The base section also works well to transform the „Library Bookcase“ into a taller and „Grand Library Bookcase“. 65mm x 21mm footprint.

Cast in resin at 30mm scale. Suitable for Dungeon RP games. Figure shown for scale purposes

Hand cast in high quality resin at 30mm scale. Suitable for most popular dungeon RPG Games. Supplied unpainted and may require assembly or clean up. This product is not a toy and is not intended for persons under the age of 8.

Sculpt by: Marcin Cecot

Und hier die Nachricht aus Facebook:

Happy 2019 everyone! 😁 We are back at the workshop full-time and catching up on emails, casts, messages, prints and 101 other things now! Apparently, it’s good to be busy, right? 😬

Firstly, here is a juicy new release for you (not a Minotaur, i know. Those are coming in a few days. Read on 😉 ) The Gothic Dresser, because we need more detailed furniture! This can be assembled as a cupboard or as a set of shelves, or even split into two pieces of furniture. 65mm x 21mm footprint. Find it here http://zealotminiatures.com/zealot-shop/…

In other news for people who have sent an email, message etc. I will dig through these over the next few days, 104 emails to reply to in my own inbox, not counting FB messages KS messages and store contact form messages.
The Minotaur KS dispatch is finished, I need to write an update on there (!!) we have a few boxes, which we can count on our fingers, that need to ship and will go ASAP (were shortage of bases and some little bits, gah) the few late backers are being packed now and have started shipping out too. Minotaurs will be in the store in a few days 🤟 Thanks for everyone’s patience with those, the dispatch ended up being a few months behind for the later backer IDs. But the unanimous response has been that the quality is stunning 😁 which we are most pleased with.

Litchmyre, which we recently funded on KS for our 2019 project – the production is ramping up to start, now that the minos are finished. Boris is sculpting and the pledge manager will be coming soon, since we have a fair few SG sculpts sorted and people are eager to get their selections made! Proper KS update coming soon on that too, if you are a kind supporter

Store orders were a little delayed with christmas, but we did keep up with packing orders, coming in a few days over christmas, so that most things were shipped out with not much more than a few days delay. If you are waiting for goodies, the postal service is still reeling from the seasonal parcel-pocalipse which is delaying some boxes. Hang tight and ambush your postman!

I think that is all for now, ladies and gents! Kudos if you read all the way down here, my stream of consciousness mini update! We will have some more releases coming over the next few weeks, including the minos! Plus some nice collaborations in line for 2019 Here’s to a great year!
Eddie and the Zealot Team.

Quelle: Zealot Miniatures auf Facebook


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