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Sarissa: Roman Docks Set & Wharf

Sarissa Precision hat ein Bundle zusammengestellt, dass von dem bereits gezeigtem Diorama inspiriert wurde.

Sarissa Roman Docks Set 28mm1

Sarissa – Roman Docks Set – 28mm – 41,00 EUR

This Roman docks set is the perfect place for you to load and unload any cargo or passengers. Add it to any Roman-based skirmish game or diorama centred on Roman ports such as Ostia and Portus.

Sarissa Roman Docks Set 28mm2

Sarissa – Roman Wharf – 28mm – 11,00 EUR

Good news, if you want to extend your Roman dockside you can purchase the wharf on its own.  Please be aware you will be buying just the wharf as the terrain tile shown is for display purposes only.  However the 30cm x 30cm tiles are perfect for adding the waters edge and enable a wide dock to be easily created.

Sarissa Roman Docks Set 28mm3 Sarissa Roman Docks Set 28mm4

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