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Rubicon Models: Neue Previews

Rubicon Models präsentieren neue Preview Bilder auf Facebook.

Rubicon Models Neue Previews 01

To get into the holiday spirit, Rubicon Models is going to present a work-in-progress imagery every day until Christmas Eve! Here is our first one…

The Panzer III Ausf E was the first version of the mass-produced Panzer III tanks, it had 30mm armour all-round, other than the rear of the vehicle, which increased the weight to 20t. Suspension redesigned, switching from leaf-springs to torsion-bars, now using six larger roadwheels per side. Had a 300PS HL120 engine. A total of 96 was produced in 1939.

The Panzerbefehlswagen III Ausf E was the second command tank based on the Panzer III. Based on the standard Panzer III Ausf E, the main gun was replaced by a dummy gun, the hull machine gun removed, the turret bolted in place and the addition of an extra long-range radio set. It could be recognised by the distinctive frame antenna on the rear deck. A total of 45 was produced between 1939 and 1940.

Rubicon Models Neue Previews 02

The Panzer III Ausf F was very similar to the Ausf E and Ausf G. The factory painted dark grey (dunkelgrau RAL 46) and dark brown (dunkelbraun RAL 45) camouflage pattern but was discontinued by end of July 1940. They were just painted dunkelgrau after that date. Most were used in the invasion of the Netherland, Belgium and France in May 1940. These tanks were upgraded during their combat life with different guns, turrets and more armour.

Later Panzer III Ausf F was fitted with 5cm KwK 38 L/42 guns. An armoured vent was fitted to the roof of the turret and rear engine deck to enable it to cope with the dust and heat of the North African desert. It was painted in dark yellow (dunkelgelb). They were also used on the Eastern Front. A total of 450 were built between 1939 and 1941.


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