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Mortal Gods: Persian Immortals Vorschau

Andy Hobday zeigt auf Facebook eine neue Einheit für die Perser in Mortal Gods.

Footsore Mortal Gods Perser Immortals 1 Footsore Mortal Gods Perser Immortals 2 Footsore Mortal Gods Perser Immortals 3

Coming soon for Mortal Gods, lovely sculpts by Stavros and a must for Persian players. 🙂

•Persian Immortals•
They were sophisticated, well-equipped, their armour glittering with gold. As described by Herodotus, their armament included wicker shields, short spears, swords or large daggers, bow and arrow. They wore a special headdress, often described as a cloth or felt hat that could be pulled over the face to protect from dirt and dust. It is said that compared to the Greeks, the Immortals were “hardly armoured”. Yet what they lacked in armour, they made up through psychological impact and skill, as these highly trained warriors were enough to strike fear into any enemy.

sculpts: Stavros Zouliatis

Quelle: Andy Hobday bei Facebook


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