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Mitches Military Models: Neuheiten

Mitches Military Models hat Neuheiten im Programm.


Battle for the Throne – Büsten

Available to pre-order

Battle for the Throne v-bust set

Kit cost, £60 for the set or £25 each with free international shipping.

MMM Death Of The Young Guard 1815 MMM Death Of The Young Guard 18152 MMM Death Of The Young Guard 18153 MMM Death Of The Young Guard 18154 MMM Death Of The Young Guard 18155 MMM Death Of The Young Guard 18156

Death of The Young Guard – 1815 – Diorama

Sculpted by Adam McMaster and available soon from RDG Miniatures is this 75mm resin 3 x figure diorama depicting the last moments of Voltigeurs of the Young Guard at Plancenoit June 18th 1815.

Ordered into Plancenoit by Napoleon in an attempt to stem the oncoming Prussian army on their way to aid Wellington at Waterloo the Young Guard Battalions were eventually overwhelmed by a determined Prussian army and suffered terrible casualties after a courageous defence.

The reloading Voltigeur is also available as a single piece.

Pre order Prices;
3 x figure diorama including base £75.00
Re loading Voltigeur £30.00

MMM Dambuster4 MMM Dambuster3 MMM Dambuster2 MMM Dambuster

Dambuster – Büste

… this 1/9th resin bust depicting Guy Gibson VC of RAF 617 Squadron ‚The Dambusters;
Guy Gibson led the famous raid on the Mohne Dam in 1943 when Lancaster bombers utilised the bouncing bomb to destroy 3 of Germanys main Dams in the Ruhr earning him a Victoria Cross.
3D sculpted by Ricardo Garijo.
Price is £35.00 which includes international shipping.

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