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Maxmini: Stygian Khopeshes

Neu von Maxmini – Stygian Khopeshes – verwunschene Waffen für den Kenner.

Maxmini Khopesch

Maxmini: Stygian Khopeshes (10x) – 6,99 EUR

Cursed weapons made of bronze and copper, an ancient heritage of a civilization lost aeons ago. Their rusty yet still sharp blades engraved with mysterious hieroglyphs, that are impossible to unravel even by the wisest wizards alive.

To wield such weapon is to agree to be cursed, and slowly succumb into the void of madness. Yet many are willing to pay such terrible prize, for these blades are known to slay ghosts, monsters and demons alike – their power is unquestionable, inexplicable and rooted in some ancient, mystical sorcery of evil forces.

Some adventurers speak of undead armies wandering the forbidden deserts of far east, armed with such weapons. Many have tried to claim these blades from their rightful owners, but none of them returned.

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