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Lucid Eye: Neuheiten und Previews

Von Lucid Eye gibt es eine Menge Neuheiten und Previews aus den Toon Realms und dem Red Book of the Elf King.

Lucid ToonRealms Wolf Prev01 Lucid ToonRealms Wolf Prev02 Lucid ToonRealms Wolf Prev03 Lucid ToonRealms Wolf Prev04

Coming to Lucid Eye Toon Realms shortly!

Sculpted by the great Trish Carden Miniatures and Design

Who wants one!

Lucid RedBook GregElftroll Lucid RedBook SeaThane Lucid RedBook VhenlanRhegwulf


Greng is neither Elf nor Troll but has both as kin. He suffers mistrust from both sides in the wars of Troll and Elf, but he may command both Thrall and Companion and knows both Fae Glamour and Troll Secrets. He has carved a crude kingdom in the lands of the Fae called Rhedenhal.

The Teeth of Sievrae is the domain of the Sea Thane where the Handmaids of Ulsane lure unfortunates down into the watery depths of the Sea Thane‘s Palace. He may, oftimes, ransom his captives and his full coffers of rare stones and Glamour bear testimony to his deeds.

Vhenlan is a Nordane Chief reputed to be over two hundred years old. He killed a Roethic Knight when he was but twelve winters old at the Battle of Five Fingers and his clan know of his other deeds and they are many.


The Majority of Troll Wars orders have now been shipped in other news! Last ones to go out this week!

Lucid RedBook Hirihalye Lucid RedBook RedElf

The Red Elf – in glorious technicolor!

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