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Lucid Eye: Neuheiten

Bei Lucid Eye gibt es ein paar neue Miniaturen.

LE Grunt

Grunt The Boar
Grunt protects his forest patch with fearless aggressive charges; he is not keen on confusing excuses nor clever talk designed to befuddle his brain.
Contains one white metal 28mm scale miniature, supplied with a 30mm display base. Sculpted by Trish Carden.

Grunt kostet 4,25 Pfund.

LE Hamuk

Harmûk The Dwarf Smith
Harmûk has his place in the histories of the Fae, though oft for ill reason. He is not loved by the Elven Lords but they know his skill at the anvil.
One ‚heroic‘ 28mm white metal figure and anvil, also contains one 30mm display base. Sculpted by Felix Paniagua

Harmûk kostet 7,50 Pfund.

Link: Lucid Eye


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