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Infinity/Aristeia!: Januar Neuheiten

Eine Vorschau auf den Start von Corvus Belli ins neue Jahr mit Infinity und Aristeia!.

CB Aristeia Mendoza Sacred Flame God 01 CB Aristeia Mendoza Sacred Flame God 02 CB Aristeia Mendoza Sacred Flame God 03 CB Aristeia Mendoza Sacred Flame God 04

Mendoza ‚Sacred Flame of God‘- 19,99 Euro

The Mayafilms actor better known in the HexaDome as Padre-Inquisitor Mendoza is now represented as one of the many characters he has incarnated during his career: a fallen angel imbued in the sacred flames of his creator. This way, we create a totally different look for Mendoza while keeping the fire as a common identifying element.

This high-quality metal version of Padre-Inquisitor Mendoza offers an alternative design, perfect both for players and collectors

The original Padre Inquisitor Mendoza be found in the Smoke and Mirrors expansion.

CB INF O 12 Alpha Unit Light Shotgun 01 CB INF O 12 Alpha Unit Light Shotgun 02 CB INF O 12 Alpha Unit Light Shotgun 03 CB INF O 12 Alpha Unit Light Shotgun 04

Alpha Unit (Light Shotgun) – O-12 – 18,95 Euro

The Alphas would provide rearguard security and strategic command capabilities in Bureau Aegis operations, but they would also be appointed as consultants in inter-agency actions with other powers, and they would act in direct contact with the community, providing solutions and, if necessary, eliminating the problem that had led to their deployment by themselves.

If you are looking for a good Lieutenant option or a troop to cover your back in case of Loss of Lieutenant, the Alpha unit is undoubtedly one of the best options within the O-12 army thanks to its Strategos L2 or Chain of Command options, and a neat complement to your Operation: Wildfire Battle Pack.

CB INF Nomads Mary Problems Hacker 01 CB INF Nomads Mary Problems Hacker 02 CB INF Nomads Mary Problems Hacker 03 CB INF Nomads Mary Problems Hacker 04

Mary Problems, Tactical ÜberHacker (Hacker) – Nomads – 11,25 Euro

Mary Problems is the most efficient and dangerous, but never the most conventional, cybercombat expert in Tunguska’s special forces. Compared to an average human, Mary is smarter, faster, and more capable. She also has superb reflexes and a psychological profile as sharp as a knife.

Includes a powerful and versatile Assault Hacker and Killer Hacker for your Sectorial Army from the Jurisdictional Command of Tunguska Starter Pack

CB INF YuJing Haidao Hacker 01 CB INF YuJing Haidao Hacker 02 CB INF YuJing Haidao Hacker 03 CB INF YuJing Haidao Hacker 04

Haidào Special Support Group (Hacker) – Yu Jing – 12,95 Euro

A Hǎidào is required to be able to think and act decisively and determinedly in complex and highly dangerous operating environments. Each and every one of them are among the best in their military specialty; however, their main characteristic is that they all are gifted with a relentless character forged by fire that makes them stand out from others.

This blister includes one Haidào Hacker with Killer Hacking Device. A very interesting addition for the Invincible Army Starter Pack because it allows us to incorporate a Heavy Infantry for a few points, he is a Wildcard trooper, so will give a lot of versatility to our army lists.

CB INF Dire Foes 9 Datacash 01 CB INF Dire Foes 9 Datacash 02 CB INF Dire Foes 9 Datacash 03 CB INF Dire Foes 9 Datacash 04 CB INF Dire Foes 9 Datacash 05

Dire Foes Mission Set 9: Datacash – Nomads vs PanOCeania – 30,95 Euro

To keep their primacy in the data banking business, Tunguska must sweep aside any competitor, even if that competitor is a covert parallel-financing operation of the Hexahedron. But PanOceania knows about the fight for primacy, and the Fusilier Indigo Richard Quinn is going to show it to DI Jelena Kovač and her Dragnet team.

Box contains:

  • 1x Securitate Inspector Jelena Kovač
  • 1x Fusilier Indigo Richard Quinn
  • 1x Databanker.

CB INF CA Shasvastii Seed Soldiers Combi Rifle 01 CB INF CA Shasvastii Seed Soldiers Combi Rifle 02 CB INF CA Shasvastii Seed Soldiers Combi Rifle 03 CB INF CA Shasvastii Seed Soldiers Combi Rifle 04

Shasvastii Seed-Soldiers (Combi Rifle) – Combined Army – 11,25 Euro

The Seed-Soldiers are one of the strategic mainstays of the Shasvastii Expeditionary Force. Their automatic deploying programs are designed to locate and bury the Seeds in positions well hidden from sight and from satellite vigilance, until their hour comes.

This blister includes a Seed-Soldier with Combi Rifle and D.E.P. Thanks to its Forward Deployment and Limited Camouflage, it will allow us to control the game table and eliminate heavily armored troops using its D.E.P. Complete your Shasvastii Expeditionary Force from Operation: Wildfire.

Infinity ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasy-In erhältlich.

Community-Link: O-12.de

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  • Die Infinity Neuheiten gefallen mir wieder mal durch die Bank weg, vor allem die Hackerin und die DireFoes Box.
    Der Aristeia Skin von Mendoza hingegen ist die allererste Ari-Mini die mir absolut nicht gefällt und der erste wirkliche Griff ins Klo…nope, nicht meins

    • Jup..sehe ich leider auch so. Irgendwie kann das Modell nicht mit dem sonstigen Qualitätsstandard von CB mithalten

      • Der Mendoza-Skin polarisiert bei mir in der Gruppe auch sehr , ich muss gestehen ich find den mega gut und wird der erste Skin sein den ich mir für Aristeia! zulege 🤩

    • Ich finde den Mendoza-Skin auch suboptiomal. Als hätte jemand ein Concept Art von Devil Jin aus dem Spiel Tekken 7 als Vorlage gehabt und dann alles Coole entfernt, damit man es nicht mehr erkennt.

  • Während die DF Box top und der Haidao solide sind, gefällt mir die statische und wenig nach Hacking aussehende Pose von Mary nicht wirklich und ihre prothesen Beine auch nicht, da geht doch bestimmt mehr so 200 Jahre in der Zukunft, das sieht einfach nur grob aus. Der Alpha geht gar nicht und damit meine ich nicht die Mini ansich, die ist i.O. aber die beiden S2 Minis sollen ja ein S4 mit Guard sein. Das Guard-Konzept mag ich eh nicht, denn spieltechnisch ist es einfach nur ein CC Skill und nicht mal ein sonderlich defensiver. Ah ja – der Alien geht soweit i.O. und Mendoza finde ich etwas übertrieben.

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