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Durgin Paint Forge: Zorn Uzul Preview

Durgin Paint Forge zeigt eine interessante „Kavallerie“ Variante – ein Preview eines kommenden Nebenprojekts rund um die Free Stadt Zorn Uzul.

Durgin Paint Forge Zorn Uzul Project Preview Durgin Paint Forge Zorn Uzul Project Preview2 Durgin Paint Forge Zorn Uzul Project Preview3

Durgin Paint Forge – Zorn Uzul Project Preview

Directly from the forges of Zorn Uzul, precisely from the notorious (and incredibly expensive!) workshop of Giotto inc. (the most successful guild of inventors and engineers of the Free City), here is the Redcoat Spearhead Sentinel!
Riding the latest version of the legendary PX, the PX II (Dwarves are quite practical, concerning names…), this soldier and her mechanical familiar Helper are ready to do some recon or, in case of need, wreak havoc behind the enemy lines!
This character is the first designed for a side project dedicated to the free city of Zorn Uzul, and is scheduled to be released in 2020!

Quelle: Durgin Paint Forge FB


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