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Catalyst Miniatures werden Void Scar Miniatures

Catalyst Miniatures haben sich umbenannt.

VSM Void Scar Miniatures Preview 1 VSM Void Scar Miniatures Preview 2 VSM Void Scar Miniatures Preview 3 VSM Void Scar Miniatures Preview 4 VSM Void Scar Miniatures Preview 5

Hi everyone, just wanted to give you an update about Catalyst Miniatures and the Mechanised Infantry.

Firstly, I would like to talk about the new Kickstarter for the Mechanised Infantry which was last posted about – looks like this is taking a backstop due to a bit of a change happening at Catalyst Miniatures (don’t worry, they’re coming though!).

Simply put, Catalyst Miniatures has changed it’s name to Void Scar Miniatures.

That’s it!

It has meant that this has taken focus from other projects recently, what with getting all the details sorted out. However, I would like to share with you some upcoming plans, which brings us onto the second point.

Void Scar Miniatures will have its own website soon, with an online store where you will be able to purchase our products.

Going back to the Mechanised Infantry – they will instead be available to order from the web store rather than coming through a Kickstarter campaign. You can see some images of what you can expect below (painted by CB Miniature Painting Studio and sculpted by Vigilant 3D Art).

That’s about it folks! Thanks for your continued support for Catalyst, ahem, Void Scar Miniatures, and check back here for more info about the website launch.


Void Scar Miniatures

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