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Artel W: Neue Previews

Bei Artel W. Miniatures gibt es einen bunten Mix an Previews.

ArtelW Preview1 ArtelW Preview2 ArtelW Preview3 ArtelW Preview4 ArtelW Preview5 ArtelW Preview6

While my colleagues packing your miniatures (100 packages was dispatched this week, and twice as that will be at next), let`s see what we cooking for the future. Fresh concepts and WIPs!

1) Morggot Da Kamanda, character and concept by Gray Skull
2) Lady-Inquisitor, concept by Gray Skull (don`t worry, there will be no boobplates on the miniature
3 and 4) Wladimir the Liberator, two variants
5) Skawt`n`Rekkon Skwad Kommanda – almost finished
6) Alternate set of heads for the Einherjar`s Kamrades

Quelle: Artel W Miniatures auf Facebook


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