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AntiMatter: 3D Geländedateien und Preview

AntiMatter Games haben 3D Daten mit Geländestücken zum selber drucken neue im Shop und zeigen auf Facebook einen neuen Anführer für ShadowSea.

AntiMatter Games Anklebiter Barnacles STL

Anklebiter Barnacles STL – 4,99 USD

DeepWars Scenery – 3D Printable STL File

Anklebiter Barnacles – open and closed mouth versions

Height: 40mm diameter, 15mm height

Sculpted by: David Arenas

Painted by:

These nasty creatures, up to six feet across, grow on structures or the seafloor in or near the water. They open their hard shells and reach out with long mouth parts to feed, grabbing onto anything that passes by and clamping down with a vice-like grip. These scenic features are usable in both DeepWars and ShadowSea and would work well in other games.

AntiMatter Games Doom Clam STL 1 AntiMatter Games Doom Clam STL 2 AntiMatter Games Doom Clam STL 3

AntiMatter Games Doom Clam STL 4 AntiMatter Games Doom Clam STL 5

Doom Clam STL – 6,99 USD

DeepWars Scenery – 3D Printable STL File

Doom Clam

Height: 75 mm Length 70 mm Height 75mm Width

Sculpted by: Valerio Terranova

Painted by: E. Louchard

With the high levels of nutrients on the Shallow Shelf, some species of clams are able to grow to enormous size. The Doom Clam is the largest and most dangerous of these bivalves, as it has evolved to become carnivorous and consume larger prey. With a mouth nearly ten feet across, this beast produces a massive suction effect when it opens its maw.

AntiMatter Games Giant Soft Coral STL 1 AntiMatter Games Giant Soft Coral STL 2 AntiMatter Games Giant Soft Coral STL 3 AntiMatter Games Giant Soft Coral STL 4

Giant Soft Coral STL – 6,99 USD

DeepWars Scenery – 3D Printable STL File

Giant Soft Coral

Length: 200mm
Zip File Includes 4 parts.


Sculpted by: David Arenas

These are natural scenery in the Shallow Shelf zone in DeepWars, providing Full Cover to models hiding behind them. Smaller versions can be used to make a “forest” of soft coral that acts as Tactical Cover.

The STL files are for personal use only and cannot be resold or cast and sold.

AntiMatter Games ShadowSea Onigor Demon 1 AntiMatter Games ShadowSea Onigor Demon 2 AntiMatter Games ShadowSea Onigor Demon 3 AntiMatter Games ShadowSea Onigor Demon 4

The Onigor demon is a cruel and powerful enemy from the Stygian Depths of the caverns of ShadowSea and is the Leader of the Stygian Cabal warband starter set. This model stands 45mm tall and will be cast in high-detail resin, arriving in June. Sculpted by Paolo Fabiani.

Quelle: AntiMatter Games

Quelle: AntiMatter Games auf Facebook


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