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Alkemy: Rados Kickstarter

Bei Kickstarter wird eine weitere Fraktion für Alkemy finanziert.

We continue the development of our favorite game Alkemy. For this new project, we are publishing a new faction (Rados Cults) which contributes to the expansion of Mornea’s world.

We wish to finance the maximum number of miniatures for this new faction, proposing as main object the Blitz list, and the financing by stage of complementary miniatures. Costs related to the creation of the 6 miniatures of the Blitz list were financed. We give the opportunity to pre-order this list through Kickstarter.

Our idea for this crowdfunding project is to quickly deliver the first 80 fastest contributors (November 2019, one month after the end of campaign) for the 6 miniatures in Blitz list. For contributors (from the 81st) and the miniatures unlocked during this campaign (all contributors), we will deliver them during the second wave of sending (March / April 2020). This second wave will include

  • the additional production of the Rados Blitz list
  • Rados miniatures unlocked during this campaign
  • Rados scenery sets.

To contribute to financing you can also provide an amount corresponding to the miniatures you want to order (pledge 1 euro) at the pledge manager will happen on our online store. All the miniatures of the shop will be accessible during the pledge manager and will be at the prices indicated in the Add-on section (see below in this page).

Das sind die neuen Rados-Modelle. Das Set kostet 40,00 Euro.

AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 1 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 2 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 3 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 4 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 5 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 6 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 7 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 8 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 10 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 9 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 11 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 12 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 13

Pledge price 40 euros for Rados blitz list (6 miniatures in resin + black plastic bases + profile cards) + all SG free

So sehen die Modelle im Größenvergleich aus:

AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 14 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 15

Und das sind die Stretch Goals:

AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 18 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 16 AM Alkemy Rados Kickstarter 17

The shipping costs will be calculated during the pledge manager. Do not add shipping cost in your pledge!

Example for rados pledge: //////// France – Belgium – Luxembourg: €4 //////////// Europe – USA – others countries: €6.50

Example for rados double pledge: //////// France – Belgium – Luxembourg: €6 //////////// Europe – USA – others countries: €9

Example for starter box: //////// France – Belgium – Luxembourg: €6 //////////// Europe (Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom): €10 ////////// USA – Other european countries: €15  //////// Rest of the world: €18

Alkemy Pledge: FREE 🙂

Die Kampagne läuft noch 10 Tage.

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