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Sarissa Precision: Arena

Neu bei Sarissa – das entsprechende Ambiente Gladiatorenkämpfe. 

The simple Ludus Starter Arena comes as 8 curved sections that interlock to form a round arena with a diameter of 500mm (19.5″) approx.

To this you can then upgrade with any of the add-on sets and these can be retro fitted afterwards so your arena can adapt and grow at a later stage.

Straight wall sections allow you extend the round arena into a 500x900mm Oval or your can extend 4 ways for a round corner arena at 700x700mm.

Gladiator & Animal Cage and gates allow for points of access and add some character to the layout or even simply somewhere to sit the figures that are not in use at that point.

The Grandstand Sections allow you to create a real theatre of death and complete the layout.

Lots of flexility and it breaks down into small sections for easy transport and storage.


Sarissa Ludus Arena

Ludus Starter Arena – 16,80 EUR

Sarissa Ludus Arena2 Sarissa Ludus Arena3

Ludus Straight Wall Set – 8,40 EUR

Sarissa Ludus Arena4 Sarissa Ludus Arena5

Ludus Animal Cage Set – 8,40 EUR

Sarissa Ludus Arena6 Sarissa Ludus Arena7

Ludus Gladiator Cage Set – 8,40 EU

Sarissa Ludus Arena8 Sarissa Ludus Arena9 Sarissa Ludus Arena10

Ludus Grandstand Set -8,40 EUR

Sarissa Ludus Arena11 Sarissa Ludus Arena12

Ludus Arena Scenery Set – 41,99 EUR 33,59 EUR

Quelle: Sarissa Precision


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