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Red Box: Warbands of Wrath and Ruin

Der Kickstarter von Red Box läuft wieder.

RB Red Box Warbands Of Wrath And Ruin 1


With your generous support we hope to fund the production of a series of new, finely detailed and beautifully sculpted, expertly produced,“ 28 mm “ scale barbarian miniatures which are the initial warband starter set for an all new small scale skirmish game set in a brutal, fallen fantasy world ruled by capricious Living Gods and beset by the ravages of their eternal war for survival and supremacy. The rules for the game are not quite ready for print yet but it is the goal of this campaign to fund this initial set of figures which will help us to also afford to finish the rules and get the production process for the rules and game components started.

In the game, Players take on the role of a powerful characters of super human or preternatural nature called “ Chosen “ in command of a small band of followers of various role and ability. These warbands , referred to in game as the “ Following “ expand in number and diversity as the Warlord grows in Power, Repute, Fortune and Favor of the Gods beginning in number between 6 and 9 followers, but growing to include as many as 24 followers at the Apex of the Chosen’s Stature.


These followers may be lowly slaves, cultists, warriors, champions, and even monsters. But the core of any Chosen’s following are the foot warriors.

RB Red Box Warbands Of Wrath And Ruin 2


The foot warriors are the most basic type of warrior follower. They are sparely equipped and basically trained and able. They are non specific to the character of their Chosen and can be of many different races or creature types but the first set of Foot Warriors we want to fund are the Human foot warriors. Rippling muscle and ready to slay in the name of any Chosen whose coin can fill their bowl or whose stature warrants following.

Pictured here still somewhat WIP these figures are semi modular for VERY expansive customization options and are cast in a very high quality lead free white metal. All modular fittings will be made in such a way as to insure easy secure assembly.

The items included in the pack are;

  • 10 barbarian foot warrior head / helm options
  • 6 right hand weapon options
  • 3 heavy weapon options
  • 3 heavy weapon foot warrior bodies
  • 5 weapon and shield foot warrior bodies
  • All this in one set for $40.00!! High quality, finely detailed metal minis for $5.00 Each!


Solos include both the companions and the Chosen themselves. These are the characters of the stories with the companions acting as a supporting role to the Chosen. Please note that any one of the foot warriors can be selected as a Solo option.

RB Red Box Warbands Of Wrath And Ruin 3


The Priestess is a companion follower who serves as an intermediary between the Chosen and one of the Patron Gods of the world. Each Priestess is different and their uses can vary wildly based on the particular choices made during the creation of the character for use in the game but rest assured in this game a Chosen without some sort of spiritual aid is a Chosen set upon an arduous path.

Pictured here as a WIP the Priestess will be available in 2 different forms. One unclad and one half clad. The image above represents her unclad form. Her clad form will be slightly more modest.

Backers can add additional copies of the Priestess to their existing pledge for an additional $8 per copy desired.

Backers can also pledge for the Priestess figure ONLY if they so choose for $8 per copy desired.


Currently still WIP the Chosen will be pictured very soon!

The Chosen are the scions of the Gods. Born from any strata of denizen in the realms these few are half mortal and half God, able to draw upon the ethereal energies of the cosmos to fuel superhuman feats of strength, speed, skill or to perform miraculous manipulations of the world around them. They can be man or woman marked by the touch of divinity with strange colored skin, hair, eyes, super human, or inhuman build or feature.

Backers can add additional copies of Chosen to their existing pledge for an additional $8 per copy desired.

Backers can also pledge for the Chosen figure(s) ONLY if they so choose for $8 per copy desired.


 As the funding allows I WILL add more options to the campaign. These will include Chosen of different nature to lead the Foot Warriors and companions of different role and nature to aid these Chosen in their quest for power, survival, glory, favor and fortune. I do not anticipate being able to add other foot warrior types to this campaign BUT I DO have plans for other various types of foot warrior to expand the range of theme of the game through future campaigns if this campaign does not reach a level of funding to allow them to be added during this campaign.

Backers are free to add as many sets of foot warrior as they desire. This is accomplished by simply managing the amount of their pledge upward by enough value to cover multiple sets.


It is our hope to be able to expand the total offering of this campaign to include Chosen and Companions of different character such as an Amazon, a Mutant, a Beast Man, and a Hoplite, as well as a Sorceror, Sorceress, Priestess and Mystic as well as different head options for the Human foot warriors, and possibly other foot warrior themes as well! We can only do this as funding allows however and we will need to cover the costs of each new addition BEFORE it is a selectable add-on or substitution.


We have been producing miniatures in metal and resin for a long time….. 10 years actually. And in that time we have established strong stable partnerships with some of the best contractors in the industry. This project will be handled by one of those awesome professionals as well insuring promptly delivered awesomeness so that you can get started playing your games while the excitement is still fresh! This contractor is VERY well established in the industry having delivered in a timely fashion to high levels of quality on several very large products including many of my own Kickstarter projects. Their system of manufacture is very well tested and efficient to make sure that delivery is handled swiftly. And being based in the US this means no lengthy delays in delivery, and no unexpected complications in that process.

Die Kampagner läuft noch 12 Tage.

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