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Multiverse Gaming: Vault Mainframe

Für die Vault-Builder-Serie zeigt Multiverse Gaming den Mainframe.

Multiverse Mainframe Multiverse Mainframe3 Multiverse Mainframe2

Vault Builder Mainframe

Coming soon to the Vault Builder range: Mainframe!
This massive piece, representing a supercomputer with a retro sci-fi flair will look great on any Vault Builder table, giving you some quite cool setup options (the base works as a 100x200mm floor plate and the height of the mainframe matches the height of the walls, so you can use it to support a balcony, overhead walkway or a similar feature on a level above) – though you might just as well use it separately. How do you like it?

We’ve slowed down a bit over the last few days – between a nice and steady flow of orders, some time off in observance of the All Saints‘ Day yesterday, and working every evening on a bit of a secret project we’ve had in the works for around a year now, the new releases were put on a back burner of sorts, but they’re finally coming this Monday The Mainframe kit from the Vault Builder range is definitely our favourite in this batch – and it’s quite satisfying to finally see the physical model assembled and used on a larger Vault setup!

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