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Kimera Models: Huoyàn

Kimera Models veröffentlicht eine neue Großfigur: Huoyàn.

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Huoyàn – 75mm 1/24 – Resin – 45,00 EUR

Huoyàn comes from the land of Khorasan, a mountainous area inhabited by the flame monks. They are dedicated to meditation, study and prayer, but they are also masters of martial arts. Thanks to their beliefs they are able to control a small part of the fire of Alba, the phoenix goddess, who dispenses them once a year during the blessing of the parchments. Huoyàn was only a child when the dust war reached its peak: when Dumah defeated Abel, all the power of the goddess spilled over him, making him the chosen one. The light of the phoenix flame made it blind and depositary of a power too great to control. The monks built for him two magical bracelets bound by chains to powerful containment scrolls and a blinding bandage to prevent him from opening his eyes: the legend tells that if he were to open them, nobody could survive his gaze. Huoyàn is considered one of the most powerful creatures in the world of pulvis but is forced to contain his strength because his destructive power would be lethal not only for his enemies. Prophecy says that when the flame of the phoenix finds the spirit of Abel again, the Goddess will return to the world again for a new, decisive confrontation with the God of dust.

CONCEPT: Leonardo Farabi
SCULPT: Lucas Bezerra
PAINT: Alessandro Marinone
Scale: 75mm ( 1/24)
Material: High Quality Resin

Link: Kimera Models

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