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Gnomes 2: Creatures Underground Kickstarter

Mit einem kleinen Kickstarter von Krakon Games sollen noch kleinere Figuren realisiert werden, Gnome in 28mm.

Krakon Games Gnomes 2 Kickstarter 1

This project seeks to fund the production of 5 new gnome sculpts to be cast in metal. They are already mastered in resin in preparation for a metal mould, so can be bought in either material should the funding total be met – see the rewards on the right.

There are a number of stretch goals available for this project – the better the funding level reaches, the more options will become unlocked.
Here are 5 resin casts painted up in an example colour scheme. You do not have to paint yours this way.
Krakon Games Gnomes 2 Kickstarter 2
This new selection is entirely compatible with the previous Gnomes offerings, which can be added to your pledge – see add-ons below.
Krakon Games Gnomes 2 Kickstarter 3


Here is a quick assembly of the resin casts. They are all single piece models and fit on 20mm square bases just fine.

Krakon Games Gnomes 2 Kickstarter 4


These folk are short, definitely smaller than their assumed cousins.

Krakon Games Gnomes 2 Kickstarter 5

But perhaps equally as fierce?

Krakon Games Gnomes 2 Kickstarter 6


Krakon Games Gnomes 2 Kickstarter 7 1 Krakon Games Gnomes 2 Kickstarter 7 2


Krakon Games Gnomes 2 Kickstarter 8


Krakon Games Gnomes 2 Kickstarter 9 1 Krakon Games Gnomes 2 Kickstarter 9 2 Krakon Games Gnomes 2 Kickstarter 9 3


Postage will be requested outside of Kickstarter, when your order is ready to send. This makes it cheaper and more accurate for both you and I. It also stops postage distorting the stretch goals. Also, it allows you to add in any other models you may want to include in your parcel later on.


Postage is likely to be:

  • £3-4 for UK
  • £4-6 for EU
  • £5-8 for Canada & USA
  • £5-12 for ROW

These are based on smaller pledge levels. If you want over a kilo of Gnomes, the postage will be a little higher.

Krakon Games Gnomes 2 Kickstarter 10


Gnomes are one of the lesser species within the „Creatures“ world. Creatures: Underground seeks to explore several such species over time.

Crafted from clay and stone, the Gnomes are often called earth men. Despite looking similar to dwarves and humans, they are primitive elemental creatures that exist solely to serve.

Not all Gnomes are fully crafted at birth. In fact, some are merely roused to serve as carriers and bodyguards and afforded the most basic of forms.

The primitive earth sprites are often just simple forms with arms to undertake tasks at haste before returning to the ground. With good service and success, gnomes can live on and grow into characters with burgeoning agenda.


  • Resin casting is handled by Shed Games
  • Metal casting is handled by Macrocosm Miniatures
  • The teal gnomes were painted by Ross Whitehorn
  • All Gnomes were sculpted by Ross Whitehorn

Risks and challenges

Gnomes 2 will be Kickstarter number _8_ for Krakon Games (KG). At time of writing, all previous Kickstarters are fulfilled, with the exception of backers who have become incommunicado.

All launch models are sculpted. All launch models are master-cast. The metal caster is ready to begin on metal production.

Die Kampagne läuft noch bis Samstag, den 12. Mai 2018 und steht aktuell bei 1021,00 Euro.

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