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DGS Games: Freeblades Living Rulebook

DGS Games veröffentlichen die erste Version ihres Living Rulebooks für Freeblades.

DGS Freeblades Livingrulebook

Hey Freebladers, it is here: the first version of our new Freeblades Living Rulebook is now available.
If you had access to the Freeblades Rules Companion as of yesterday, the LRB is free to you. Just go to your account on our website and hit the download button. If you are new to us, its just a $10 download from our webstore. Either way, future updates are free. Enjoy!

Hey Freebladers!

Here is the big news…  The Freeblades Living Rulebook is NOW AVAILABLE!  But read on a little before you go get it.

If you were a purchaser of the Freeblades Rules Companion prior to March 19, 2018, just go to the downloads button on your Account on our web page and it should be there waiting for you.  You do not have to buy it and you will not have to buy any updates.

If you were not already a purchaser of the FRC, just sign in to your account and go to he webstore and look for the rulebooks product entry and purchase a Living Rulebook.  It will enter the downloads section of your account and after you spend that $10, you will also get all updates for free.

We want you playing the game, not constantly buying new rulebooks.

The LRB is an interactive pdf.  That means it is full of hyperlinks.  The index is linked back to the section it is referencing, all page cross references are linked back to the referenced page and keywords are linked to their rule.  The idea is that you keep this on your phone or other mobile device and have it as a ready reference at the gaming table.  The LRB does not contain the model images and background for each model and faction.  Model images can be had in the webstore and on their model stat cards (free download in the download section of the website).  The free download: Freeblades Factions will also contain all this information, although right this minute, March 19, we are playing a little catch up with that product.  However, all the faction background information will always be available in the Faelon section of the website.

The intent is, rules are in the Living Rulebook – everything you need to play: core rules, talents, stats, scenarios, campaign rules, etc.  So, you take the LRB to the game and all the other products you can read at your leisure.

We will update the LRB periodically.  Right now we are targeting every 6-8 months.  It will auto-update into your account if you have already purchased it and we will announce its availability everywhere.  This first version does not have anything marked in magenta – meaning, this is a fresh start.  We highly recommend that even experienced players read it all the way through one time.  We will be highlighting the things that are brand new over the next couple of months on our social media.  When we make an update after the first one, changes from the previous version will be in magenta text.  This version is 18-1.  The next version this year will be 18-2, the one early next year will be 19-1 and so on.

Models, scenarios and items published in between LRB versions will be available as free download pdfs and stat cards and then will be incorporated into the next LRB update.

If you are a current player of the game and suffered through going back and forth between the Core Rulebook and the Companion, this is our thanks for your patience.  If you are a new player, welcome aboard!  And for $10 you have all the rules you will need, and will need

Ok, now go get yours and freak out!  🙂

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