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Star Trek Attack Wing: I.K.S. Ves Batlh Card Pack

Eine neue Vorschau zeigt das I.K.S. Ves Batlh Card Pack für die erste Welle an Card Pack Erweiterungen für Star Trek Attack Wing von WizKids.

WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing Attack Wing Card Pack Preview Wave 1 I.K.S. Ves Batlh 1

Attack Wing Card Pack Preview Wave 1- I.K.S. Ves Batlh

WizKids/NECA is happy to announce brand-new content for Star Trek: Attack Wing, starting with Star Trek: Attack Wing: Card Packs – Wave 1. Each Card Pack contains 11 cards, Captain Tokens and a Ship Token. Each pack will focus on a particular ship and contain fun, thematic cards with a new point-efficient cost system that will add a fresh level of depth and excitement to gameplay. In addition, the new formatting and iconography for cards will now allow players to easily identify game effects such as triggers, durations, range and firing arc.

The next ship to be previewed is the I.K.S. Ves Batlh, a Raptor Class ship last seen in Wave 3 of the original expansion packs. Compared to the I.K.S. Somraw at 20 SP, the I.K.S. Ves Batlh is a lean 13 SP for the same ship stats, action bar, and upgrade bar. Even the generic version of the ship is reduced from 16 SP to 11 SP. The special ability for this ship, however, is what truly sets it apart from its predecessor. The I.K.S. Ves Batlh reduces the damage from mines by 1. That means the I.K.S. Batlh can fly into a mine field with little or no fear, knowing that it can use its Scan Action to reduce a cloaked mines attack from 3 dice to 2 and then use its special ability to further reduce any damage that might be taken by the mine. This valuable ability will make the I.K.S. Ves Batlh a mighty addition to any Klingon Swarm Fleet.

WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing Attack Wing Card Pack Preview Wave 1 I.K.S. Ves Batlh 2

There are two Captains to choose from in the I.K.S. Ves Batlh Card Pack. The first is Duras, Son of Toral, who allows you to change this ship’s Maneuver during the Activation Phase after an enemy ship in Range 1-2 moves. With a moderate Captain Skill of 6, Duras can use his special ability to reset his course after the lower skilled Captains have moved. This will give Duras the perfect opportunity to attack first and destroy his enemies.

Klaang, on the other hand, is a less skilled Captain, but he is no less dangerous. For only 2 SP, Klaang offers an Elite Talent Upgrade Slot in addition to a special ability. When attacking, if the defending ship is an Independent ship or has an Independent Captain equipped to it, this ship rolls +1 attack die. With whichever Captain you choose, your enemies will surely pay dearly for crossing you in battle.

WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing Attack Wing Card Pack Preview Wave 1 I.K.S. Ves Batlh 3

DNA Encoded Message is the Elite Talent that you can use with either Duras or Klaang. During Setup place 3 Klingon Elite Talent Upgrades face down beneath this card. During the Activation Phase, you can discard this card to flip 1 of the Klingon Upgrades beneath this card face up and equip it to the Captain on this ship. Remove the other 2 face down Klingon Elite Talent Upgrades from the game. Even though it costs 5 SP, DNA Encoded Message allows you the flexibility of bringing 3 Elite Talents into the game for the cost of 1. You can choose whatever one works best for you at just the right time and, better yet, your opponent will have no idea what is coming until it is too late!

WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing Attack Wing Card Pack Preview Wave 1 I.K.S. Ves Batlh 4

There are two Crew Upgrades in the I.K.S. Ves Batlh Card Pack. First and foremost, Goroth costs only 2 SP and adds 1 Crew Slot to your Upgrade Bar. As an Action, you may discard this card and 1 Crew Upgrade to target an opposing ship in Range 1-2. Disable the Captain equipped to the target ship. Expect Goroth to be a popular addition to Klingon Fleets due to his ability to disable an opposing Captain.

However, the second included Crew Upgrade in this pack offers an immediate solution to the danger of having your Captain disabled or discarded. Kolos, for 3 SP, provides protection for your Captain, allowing this card to be discarded whenever your Captain would be disabled or discarded. Klingons would never fall for such a trick as having their Captain disabled, would they? They won’t as long as Kolos is around.

WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing Attack Wing Card Pack Preview Wave 1 I.K.S. Ves Batlh 5

The sole Weapon Upgrade in this Card Pack is Photon Torpedoes. While this might seem like nothing new, this upgrade only costs 2 SP to make an attack with 4 red dice. Note that you do not have to spend your Target Lock to use this version of Photon Torpedoes like in the past. You may also convert 1 [Battle Stations] into a [Critical Hit]. This new version of Photon Torpedoes has better action economy and the ability to hit hard against your opponent from either the primary or secondary firing arc.

WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing Attack Wing Card Pack Preview Wave 1 I.K.S. Ves Batlh 6

The I.K.S. Ves Batlh Card Pack contains two Tech Upgrade cards that will help boost your ship’s capabilities. Dispersive Armor costs 4 SP and can only be equipped to a ship with a Hull Value of 3 or more. When defending, you may disable this card in order to replace the attacking ship’s Primary Weapon Value with 4. For the remainder of this game round, the attacking ship’s Primary Weapon Value cannot be replaced or modified. This card can be used again and again (once re-enabled) to reduce the firepower of an enemy ship. Not being able to replace or modify their Primary Weapon Value means that cloaked ships will have a much better chance of evading damage.

Reactor Pit, on the other hand, helps your ship stay functional by removing an Auxiliary Token from beside this ship during the Planning Phase. You never want to be without an Action during the Activation Phase and Reactor Pit will help make sure that you don’t lose your action due to an Auxiliary Token.

WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing Attack Wing Card Pack Preview Wave 1 I.K.S. Ves Batlh 7

The last upgrade in the I.K.S. Ves Batlh Card Pack is Photon Detonation. This card counts as either a Tech Upgrade or a Weapon Upgrade, so you can have some flexibility in building your fleet. As an Action, disable this card and place 3 [Time] Tokens on a Photon Torpedoes Upgrade equipped to this ship and target a Minefield Token within Range 1-2. Remove the target Minefield Token from play. This minesweeper card will help ensure that you have a clear path in space without the fear of taking damage from mines. All kinds of new strategies open up once you remove the fear of cloaked mines choking up your movement in space.

WizKids Star Trek Attack Wing Attack Wing Card Pack Preview Wave 1 I.K.S. Ves Batlh 8

The I.K.S. Ves Batlh Card Pack brings fresh and exciting content to Star Trek: Attack Wing with new formatting and iconography that will streamline and improve gameplay. Players will enjoy this card pack for use in swarm fleets and for the minesweeping cards found within. All of it combined leads to new and creative ways to build powerful fleets of ships to achieve victory.

Contact your local game store to let them know that you want to order the new Star Trek: Attack Wing Card Packs- Wave One, including the I.K.S. Ves Batlh. All of this exciting content is included in the I.K.S. Ves Batlh Card Pack for the MSRP of $9.99.  Be sure reserve your pack today.

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