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Perry Miniatures: Neuheiten im Juli

Perry Miniatures haben einige Neuheiten gepostet.

Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 01 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 07 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 06

Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 05 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 04 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 03 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 02

More WW2 and Victoria’s Little Wars codes

We’ve just released the BL 5.5 inch gun by John Hart plus crew which are separate, so you could use them for other large artillery pieces. The AEC Matador, the 5.5’s prime mover, will also be out very soon. We also have Blitzkrieg Miniature’s ‚Pheasant‘ 17pdr anti-tank gun in stock as well as a 12pdr Armstrong manned by Afghan regulars for our Victoria’s Little Wars range. We’ve included our latest painting acquisitions from the talented hands of Rafa Archiduque in the form of the Rorke’s Drift Heroes and twenty odd Afghan tribal cavalry from Tony Runkee.

WW2 British
Gun by John Hart, figures by Michael
WW45 BL 5.5 inch Medium Gun
WW46 Crew for 5.5 inch gun

Blitzkrieg Miniatures
BM 63’Pheasant‘ 17pdr anti-tank gun

Victoria’s Little Wars
Figures by Michael Perry
VLW 19 Afghan regular artillery loading 12pdr Armstrong

Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 08Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 11Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 10Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 09

Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 12Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 15Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 14Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im Juli 13

New Victoria’s Little Wars and WW2 codes!

This is the first of a couple of batches of new VLW and WW2 figures and vehicles. There are the 17th Lancers for the Zulu War including dismounted and horse holders plus Bombay Infantry for the Second Anglo-Afghan War. We also have a beautifully made Rolls Royce by John Hart and there will be a couple of more of his items very soon.

Victoria’s Little Wars (28mm metal)
Sculpted by Michael Perry

VLW 27 17th Lancer command, Zulu War
VLW 28 17th Lancers, upright lances, Zulu War
VLW 29 17th Lancers charging, Zulu War
VLW 30 17th Lancer horse holder and dismounted officer, Zulu War
VLW 31 Dismounted 17th Lancers, Zulu War
VLW 32 Bombay Infantry command, 2nd Anglo-Afghan War
VLW 33 Bombay Infantry advancing, 2nd Anglo-Afghan War

World War 2 British (1/56th resin and metal)
Vehicle made by John Hart figure by Michael

WW 49 Rolls Royce Armoured Car


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