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Perry Miniatures: Neuheiten im August

Perry Miniatures präsentieren einige sehr interessante Neuheiten.

Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im August 01 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im August 03 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im August 02

Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im August 04 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im August 06 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im August 05

Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im August 07 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im August 10 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im August 09 Perry Miniatures Neuheiten Im August 08

A smorgasbord of releases

Eventually we have the Cape Mounted Rifles for the Cape War range available. Sorry about the delay on these. Alan has made these particular figures although we both contribute to the range. Michael has made the Zulu War 9pdr and has actually made all the Little Wars range so far. Also we have in some big hitters from the Blitzkrieg WW2 1/56 scale vehicle range.
These all would have gone up on the Newsletter but Mail Chimp (the Newsletter server) is being weird so in the future new releases will most probably appear here…. Sorry about that.

Cape Frontier War range 1834-53
28mm figures by Alan Perry
CFB 22 CMR mounted command
CFB 23 CMR galloping
CFB 24 CMR, NCO troop skirmishing (mounted)
CFB 25 CMR command dismounted
CFB 26 CMR dismounted skirmishing
CFB 27 CMR horse holder and horses

Victoria’s Little Wars Range
28mm metal figures by Michael Perry

VLW 35 British 9pdr and crew, Zulu War.

Blitzkrieg vehicle (1/56 scale) range
BM 64 Sherman M4A1 76mm

BM 65 Panther A

BM 66 Panther A with zimmerit


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