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Northumbrian: Fantasy Football Accessory Figures

Northumbrian Painting Services haben einen neuen Kickstarter gestartet.

Northumbrian Fantasy Football Accessory Figures 01

It’s not easy running a team in a violent Fantasy Football league. There’s riots when you win, riots when you lose and I’m just talking about the coin-toss. To help you out on match day, we’ve assembled some of the finest staff in the Old Kingdoms:

Northumbrian Fantasy Football Accessory Figures 02 Northumbrian Fantasy Football Accessory Figures 09 Northumbrian Fantasy Football Accessory Figures 08 Northumbrian Fantasy Football Accessory Figures 07 Northumbrian Fantasy Football Accessory Figures 06 Northumbrian Fantasy Football Accessory Figures 05 Northumbrian Fantasy Football Accessory Figures 04 Northumbrian Fantasy Football Accessory Figures 03

Hopefully this project will be a starting point for a whole new range of accessory figures and maybe even teams but we can’t do it without your support.

We’ve split each potential range into different „Games“ and will update the campaign along the way. These figures will be in addition to the original 8 that the project started with and will unlock as stretch goals.

The top backers of each goal (painted and unpainted full sets) will get the next reward’s figures for free upon unlocking that goal.
For example:
Rob pledges £22 for the current „full set“ of 8 figures. Once the £1250 goal is reached, Rob will receive the 2 stretcher bearer figures for free. A new „full set“ pledge level costing £28 will be unlocked and the process will start again. Rob will not be eligible for the £1500 goal’s free figures unless he tops his pledge up to the new level.

If this example is not clear, please don’t hesitate to message us 🙂

We will make it 100% clear of the date and time that each goal has been reached, to avoid any confusion on receiving free figures!
If you have pledged for a painted set and are receiving the next goal’s figures for free, the free figures will be unpainted. We will message these backers at the time to sort out your options for getting the extra figures painted.

Northumbrian Fantasy Football Accessory Figures 10

Please note that the finished figures will be cast in white metal with trace amounts of lead and as such are not suitable for children. The miniatures will also be supplied unpainted, unless the highest amount is pledged.

Shipping is not included in pledge price, however all postage + packing costs do include insurance for lost parcels.

All images and figures are the copyright of Northumbrian Painting Services.

Der Kickstarter läuft noch 23 Tage.

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