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Malifaux: Sommer Errata 2017

Wyrd Games haben ein wenig verspätet einen Frühjahrsputz durchgeführt und einige Karten in Malifaux 2E geändert.

WY Wyrd Malifaux German Rules Cover

Hello Wyrdos,

It is time for the summer edition of our twice-a-year errata! Unlike the winter errata, which looks at overall game health and improvements, the summer errata is aimed at only addressing significant problem areas within the game. We only looked at some of the most outstanding game issues that have persisted for some time in this errata.

We are well aware that not every player likes errata, as there may be some confusion about the current versions of the cards. We offer all of our errata cards for free, and they are available in numerous places online. We believe that improving game health in the long-term is worth the risks. We just ask that you bear with us through updates, and we appreciate any help you can do in informing your communities. We truly believe this changes will make Malifaux more fun for everyone involved.

With all that said, we have 4 changes for you in this errata:

  • The Mechanical Rider’s summon increased its TN by 2 (making it less likely to top deck), and its Arcane Ritual Trigger is significantly changed. It now places a single Scheme Marker within 1″ of the target, but can position it further away for each additional Tome. It is no longer limited to once per Turn.
    • The Mechanical Rider has been a standout model for awhile now. The increase in TN for summoning will make it more likely to require resources without stopping it from this function, and the Trigger change will make it less skilled at Schemes while still being quite good at them. This is a knock, but not one that fundamentally changes how this model plays.
  • Wind Gamin no longer bury when killed. Now, if they die, they can push a model 5″.
    • Wind Gamin are a powerful 4ss model, and the point of this change was to be sure they died, thereby functioning within the normal confines of the game.
  • Practiced Production now prevents you from placing Scheme Markers near non-Peon, non-Insignificant friendly models.
    • This should help with some of the stronger combinations with models like the Malifaux Raptors by requiring models that could score to begin with, thus controlling this powerful Upgrade.
  • Stuffed Piglets are now 3 Soulstones to hire.
    • There have been complaints for a long time now about cheap Activations in the form of Stuffed Piglets. By making them cost 3, it limits this ability without impacting their gameplay for those that like them as they are.


We feel that these changes will greatly improve gameplay for the Malifaux community. With all errata, we try to maintain models with as few changes as possible, ensuring that people can still use their favorite models… just in a toned down way.

You can find a PDF of the cards attached below, as well as images up on our website. The cards will be up on DriveThruRPG in the coming weeks (we want to ensure there are no errors, so there is a longer delay).

Thank you for your understand and support, and happy flipping. May all your Jokers be red.

Die geänderten Karten soll man hier (Link führt ins offizielle Forum) als PDF downloaden können.

Malifaux ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasyladen erhältlich.

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