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Khurasan: Persische Reiter und bewaffenete Zivilisten

Khurasan Miniatures haben gestern auf Facebook Previews für ihre persischen Reiter und für bewaffnete Zivilisten.

Khurasan Qajar Persians2 Khurasan Qajar Persians1

A preview of the Qajar Persian cavalry — these are the irregular horsemen that would make up the majority of the horse, as depicted in the big painting of the Battle of Sultanabad. There were regular cavalry too, a regiment or two of lancers, but they were poor quality troops (they didn’t take to the lance at all). These should be available soon, just need to get the molds made.

Khurasan Zivis

Twelve poses of heavily armed civilians. Six with AK47s, and six with heavy support weapons — two AKS (sort of a Russisn SAW), two RPG-7, and two PK light machine guns. I had asked about the next project and the popular choice was reinvigorated Native American tribes so that will be done, but not yet, as it probably makes more sense to give them AR-15s. So the next project will be the Black Army — no not the 15th century one. This Black Army will be a vampire force that rises up to fill the power vacuum in Eastern Europe in my zombie apocalypse background. Long living under the radar to avoid extermination, the vampires of Transylvania come out into the open and organize a state that expands rapidly and is highly trained and disciplined. They will use Russisn weapons and be dressed in tactical gear. But these will not be the romantic tragic super beings of popular films. They’ll be more like Nosferatu scary vampires. Stay tuned for details.

Quelle: Khurasan Miniatures auf Facebook


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