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Etchmaster: Shop online

Etchmaster bietet seine Ätz-Sets nun in einem Etsy-Shop an.

Für die Freunde der Modifikation mit filigranen Metallteilen wird sich hier sicherlich etwas finden:

Etchmaster August Etchmaster August2

Add super-detailing to your miniatures, bases and scenery – at a bargain price!

We’ve JUST launched our Etsy store selling all of the popular Etch-Master etched brass detail sheets for fantasy, sci-fi and steampunk themed miniatures, games and scenics and we are offering a special 10% off code if you place an order for £12 or more of stock in the first week!

Just visit the store and use code: LAUNCH10 at checkout to get the discount!

Zudem gibt es auch eine Neuheit – man beachte die Pizzakartons:

Etchmaster August3 Etchmaster August4

Zaun & Co. – 11,50 GBP

Real metal chain-link/razorwire fences for your game board!

You can now pre-order the Etch-Master etched brass ‚fences and street details‘ sheet from our Etsy store! This large (6″ by 3″) etched brass sheet has parts to make a section of chain-link fence topped with coiled razorwire that can be joined to other sections to make a fence as long as you need.

The sheet also contains metal warning signs, manhole covers and even 3D pizza boxes with pizza inside them!

Bring your zombie or superhero game to life with the awesome super-detailing components!


Zudem kündigt Etchmaster auch einen neuen Kickstarter an:

Etchmaster August5

Kickstarter Ankündigung

New Kickstarter campaign incoming!

We have a load of awesome new scenic elements incoming for you, including lengths of fence and razor-wire for post-apocalyptic game scenery… plus road signs, warning signs and shop signs with multiple decal options to go on them to add character and detail to your gaming world!!


Quelle: Etchmaster auf Facebook



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