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Dracula’s America: Hunting Grounds

Dracula’s America ist noch nicht so alt und dennoch wurde für Januar 2018 bereits die erste Erweiterung „Hunting Grounds“ angekündigt.

DraculasAmerica HuntingGrounds Prev

January 2018.
This supplement for Dracula’s America: Shadows of the West contains a host of new rules and material and offers something for every player.

– Two New Factions: The Forsaken, ragged survivors of the 7th Cavalry tormented by a bestial curse, and the Shadow Dragon Tong, crimelords with an agenda as mysterious as the powers wielded by their enforcers.
– The Hunting Grounds: Scenarios and encounters that focus on this mythical realm and the power and threats found within it.
– Territory: Build and develop your headquarters, and exploit the benefits it offers, but beware your enemies taking the fight to your home turf.
– Outlaws, Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters: New campaign options, allowing you to turn to a life of crime, bring in wanted fugitives, or sell your gun to the highest bidder.
– New Monsters: The denizens of the Hunting Grounds, in all their terrifying glory.
– New Hired Guns: There’s all kinds of folk willing to sell their skills, and these new Hired Guns offer a range of tactical options… if you can afford them.
– New Gear: Bring a Gatling Gun to a knife fight, or find out why you were always warned about misusing brimstone chalk and vials of ectoplasm.
– New Skills: Riding and Leadership skills give you new combat options and help your posse stay in the fight.

Es findet sich also Neues für Fans des Übernatürlichen, aber auch für diejenigen, die Dracula’s America einfach nur als gewöhnliches Wild-West-Regelwerk verwenden (Was ja dank der guten Aufteilung im Grundregelwerk kein Problem und vom Autor auch so gewollt ist. Gatling Gun!).

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