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Cold War Urban Terrain: 15mm Kickstarter läuft

Terrain für moderne Kriegführung oder WW3 Szenarien soll durch einen Kickstarter finanziert werden.

Cold War Urban KS


Dieses australische Projekt will eine komplette Stadt und modulare Strassenzüge im 15mm Maßstab für Gefechte zwischen 1970 und heute finanzieren. Sicherlich nich nur für für „Team Yankee“-Spieler interessant:

A system of road tiles that connect together with a variety of buildings and other structures to build a table worth fighting over.

As a model maker and wargamer who’s just starting into playing WW3 scenario tabletop games, I love the idea of having a more built up modern town location. It changes the table from the terrain we use for the various WW2 games but also allows the use of those terrain pieces we already have in a new way..

Strassen Platten:

Cold War Urban KS 01

My tiles are 300mm x 300mm x 5mm MDF ( 1′ x 1′ x 3/16″ ) with notches to allow connectors to lock the pieces together so when it occasionally gets knocked, the table all stays in 1 piece. I have also made my road surface (grey board) and footpath (3mm MDF) as separate pieces which allows them to be pre-painted before assembly. No masking, and all my sample pieces have been painted with a 100mm roller.

I have gone with 5mm MDF for the tiles rather than the standard 3mm because they are much more stable, will sit flat better and just feel more long lasting. I use 3mm for the connectors which come apart by falling out when you lift tiles up to reconfigure or to pack away.

Cold War Urban KS 02 Cold War Urban KS 03 Cold War Urban KS 04 Cold War Urban KS 05

  •  X Road Tile – 11,50 AUD
  •  T-Intersection Tile – 12,00 AUD
  • Straight Road Tile – 11,00 AUD
  • Blank Tile – 8,00 AUD


The Straight tile comes with 2 footpath options, 2 solid and 2 driveway. Painting the driveway in either road or footpath colours can change how it fits in with neighbouring tiles.

All Road Set pledges come with marking guides to paint road markings with a fine point white paint pen. (Paint pen not supplied.)

Download a copy of my plan book for samples of each pledge level and a print and cut out templates to see what you can achieve with this system:  Urban Table Planning Book

I can also supply Road Tiles pre-painted and assembled at a cost of $4.50 per tile. If this suits you, multiply $4.50 x the number of Road Tiles (but not blanks) in your pledge and add to your pledge amount.

Now comes the important reasons for having built up footpaths.The Inserts that come free with each Road Set pledge level allow you to paint one side grey concrete and the other in grass colour. The inserts drop into place over the non road/footpath section and dress the board up allowing you to use your existing structures………

Cold War Urban KS 06


You can also add my insert structure sets to really dress up and create a whole new world for your gaming table. I have been creating a range that allows a whole variety of new very playable structures including multi story offices, modern apartments, Industrial estate, shopping centres (old and new) and individual buildings. These have been designed to fit into the blank spaces between roads.

Add-Ons: Gebäude

Due to the cost of postage on these buildings I have had to make them only available as add ons to the Road Tile sets or individually within Australia. Otherwise postage would be expensive, for example $50 – $55 dollars each in postage to the UK.

For overseas backers you can add to your Road tile pledge and I will add any Building kits for no extra postage. I will confirm which kits you want at the backer survey.

If you are interested in the buildings only, outside of Australia please contact me through the comments and I’ll look at individual postage.

Cold War Urban KS 07

1980s Shopping Mall – 55,00 AUD

 This set fills a full single grid and comprises 4 separate buildings containing 2 rooms each and easy lift off roofs plus car park with dividing garden bed. Car park tile etched for easy line painting of parking bays. Kit in MDF, acrylic and (peel and stick) resin board window frames

Dimensions 450mm x 450mm overall.



Cold War Urban KS 08

Cold War Urban KS 09

Small Office Block (2x) – 45,00 AUD

This set contains 2 x 4 Story Office blocks. All floors are stackable and come with an internal wall set that has a central hallway and offices either side. Because they a modular you can use the floor levels to create 2 equal height or different height buildings. Multiple sets allow a lot of variation in creating a down town area. Blank inserts supplied with Roads Set fit between buildings to dress the board and the usual terrain pieces will dress it up if you want to go further. Kit in mdf.

„Dimensions 150mm x 150mm each building“


Cold War Urban KS 10

Cold War Urban KS 11

Industrial Storage Estate – 55,00 AUD

This set comprises 3 x 4 Bay Storage units, each on their own 300mm x 150mm bases and 6 x wall unit tiles. By using different components or not the standard set will fill a 450mm x450mm or smaller space or can be extended using existing insert tiles. Kit in mdf, greyboard and corrugated card.

„Dimensions 450mm x 450mm“


Cold War Urban KS 12

Cold War Urban KS 13

Display Showroom – 30,00 AUD

A large glass showroom building, suitable as a car dealership or retail display building. The roof is easily removable for internal game play. Kit made from 3mm MDF with acrylic windows and (peel and stick) resin board window frames. Use inserts from road set to dress around.

„Dimensions 300mm x 300mm“


Cold War Urban KS 14

Older shopping strip – 50,00 AUD

4 individual shops, 2 single story and 2 double story, all roofs removable for play. Use existing tiles and 4 narrow tile supplied with kit to dress behind or use 2 sets and 3 standard inserts to fill a 450mm x 450mm space. Kit in MDF, acrylic and (peel and stick) resin board window frames

„Dimensions 450mm x 187mm“


Cold War Urban KS 15

Elevated Road – 55,00 AUD

Elevated road set including 3 EL straight road sections and 1 EL On Ramp section. Also includes 5 Pillars and 2 speciality 300mm x 300mm Road tiles seen at bottom of ramps.This set is 1200mm long, If you order a second set it will come with the reverse ramp section and give you 8 feet of elevated road. Kit in MDF.

„Straight road dimensions 300mm L x 130mm W x 80mm H“

Cold War Urban KS 16


Stretch Goals

Cold War Urban KS 17

3000 AUD: Petrol Station – 30,00 AUD

A modern Petrol Station and forecourt. Kit in MDF, acrylic and (peel and stick) resin board.

„Dimensions 300mm x 300mm“


4500 AUD Goal to reach: Modern Apartment Building

A 3 story apartment with internal rooms and large glass windows. Kit in MDF, acrylic and (peel and stick) resin board.

„Dimensions 150mm x 150mm“



Der Kickstarter steht derzeit bei 3.049 AUD und hat sein Finanzierungsziel von 600 AUD bereits erreicht und das erste Stretch Goal ist freigeschaltet.

Die Kampagne endet a, 19. August 2017.


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