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Bolt Action: Neue Armoured Cars

Warlord Games haben zwei neue Armoured Cars in ihrem Shop.

Guy armoured Car

Bolt Action Neue Armordes Cars 01 Bolt Action Neue Armordes Cars 03 Bolt Action Neue Armordes Cars 02

The Guy Armoured Car, or Light Tank (Wheeled) Mk I, was designed in 1938 and was the first armoured car with an all-wielded construction. They were armed with two machine guns in a rotating armoured turret.

Guy Motors lacked the capacity for full-scale production so the design was passed to Rootes who used it as the basis for the Humber. Six Guys were lost in France and the rest served on anti-invasion duties in Britain.

Preis: 19.00 GBP

Beaverette MKIII armoured car

Bolt Action Neue Armordes Cars 04 Bolt Action Neue Armordes Cars 06 Bolt Action Neue Armordes Cars 05

The Beaverette was a hastily designed stopgap measure that was intended to provide vehicles for the defence in the event of a German invasion. Instigated by Lord Beaverbrook in 1940, it was simply an oak and steel armoured shell on top of an existing car chassis.

The resulting strain of this additional weight on the automotive elements made it clumsy and difficult to handle and it was never popular. The Beaverette never saw combat but until it became apparent that the British needed more armoured vehicles, they went back to the drawing board and improved the Beaverette.

The Beaverette MKIII was a redesign of the Beaverette with a shortened chassis, roof armour and a small one-man turret. The extra weight of the roof armour – despite the shorter body – did nothing for the handling but they did strip off the front wings as a not very effective palliative.

Preis: 19.00 GBP

Bolt Action ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Radaddel und Fantasy Warehouse erhältlich.

Die deutschsprachige Community zu Bolt Action erreicht ihr unter BoltAction.de.

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