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Battlegroup Helios: Flugmarker

Vanguard Miniatures zeigen Miniaturen-Marker für Battlegroup Helios.

Vanguard Battlegroups Helios 01 Vanguard Battlegroups Helios 02 Vanguard Battlegroups Helios 03

Jäger/Bomber, Enterpods/Minen, Torpedos

Thought i’d post these prints of up and coming oirdinance markers for those here who haven’t seen them before. Hope to have these cast up end of august early september.

Fighters, bombers, boarding pods, mines and torpedoes.


Und noch erste Bilder der Produktionsmodelle:

Vanguard Battlegroups Helios 04 Vanguard Battlegroups Helios 05 Vanguard Battlegroups Helios 06

Vanguard Battlegroups Helios 07 Vanguard Battlegroups Helios 08

Just received these images from the caster ship production is in full swing but high summer temperatures are causing delays. None the less an initial batch is expected to ship to me late this week.



Quelle: Vanguard Miniatures auf Facebook

Link: Vanguard Miniatures

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