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Wamp: Portal Ausgabe 34 erschienen

Frisch auf der Homepage der Macher, steht nun Ausgabe 34 des englischsprachigen Hobbymagazins Portal zum download bereit!

Hello everyone! You’d probably thought we’d fallen off the face of the earth! We’re really happy to announce issue 34 of Portal has finally made its way onto the internet for you all to download.

We’ve tried to make up for unintentional delay by adding a chunk of extra content, so this is a 93 page issue! This issue has some great articles, including…

Part 2 of creating a display base (this time it’s the painting)
A very cool and ambitious freehand step by step!
Reviews of Painting Buddha’s Season 1.1 and some great models by Stephane Simon
All of our Hasslefree competition entries, including comments from the guys and gals at Hasslefree
A chat with Marrow Productions and their new game Journey- Wrath of Demons
Finally, we have also got our World Tour off to a great start and we explore what the miniature community has to offer in France. Turns out, it’s an awful lot!

Apologies again for the wait. We will try and get back on track for a Halloween release!


Download (21 MB)

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