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Relics: Neuheiten im Mai

Tor Gaming haben verschiedene Neuheiten für Relics angekündigt.

Britanan Colour Party Nuem Auxilium Concursus Orcnar Angilde Vaettir Cwalu

Außerdem gibt es demnächst ein neues Regelbuch!

Relics is getting a new rulebook! Oh yes, and not only is it new but it’s:

  • A5 format – easy to carry about with you.
  • Hardback – can take the knocks of everyday gaming and some!
  • 172 pages – plenty of content
  • Full colour – glorious, oh glorious colour!
  • 52 profiles – spread across the four factions
  • World, faction and profile history

But on top of all that, as you know, we are doing a special Limited Collector’s Edition. This edition comes with a different cover and are individually numbered and signed in side. These are limited to just 200 copies, so they are available on a strictly first come, first served basis.

Quelle: Tor Gaming


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