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Wolsung SSG: Ork Held

Wolsung zeigt uns einen neuen Charakter, und gewährt uns einen Einblick in dessen Hintergrund.


Pheonix is the sword arm of the Triads. He can easily dispatch most of enemy Heroes in melee, and can use his focussed mental powers to hurl balls of fire at enemies, delivering coup de grace to wounded as he moves on to engage another target. His enhanced strength makes him deliver blows as strong as an Ogre would, allowing him to dismantle even Golems.

Quelle: Wolsung

BK - André

Aquen/André, Brückenkopf Redakteur. Seit 2003 im Hobby. Erstes Tabletop: Herr der Ringe Aktuelle Projekte: Infinity (Tohaa)

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