Hordes: Rök und Swamp Horror

Charaktervolle Verstärkung für die Trollblütigen und der biestige Swamp Horror für die Lakaien.

When a remote mountain village is found in ruins with its taverns plundered, northerners speak fearfully of the dire troll called Rök. Although insatiable as any dire troll, over a century ago Rök developed a unique craving for beer and liquor of all sorts, and his raids of villages for their intoxicating spirits have since become legendary.

When he was sought out by Borka Kegslayer, Rök engaged the trollkin in an exhausting battle lasting several hours. After this, Kegslayer shared his own potent brew, convincing the ferocious troll they were kindred souls. When Borka left, Rök followed, knowing that greater fights and rivers of beer awaited them.


Few men have survived an encounter with the swamp horrors that lurk in the marshlands. Survivors speak of great beasts rising from the swamp in a flurry of tentacles and seizing entire hunting parties in their slimy grip. Once ensnared, a swamp horror’s victims can only struggle futilely as they are pulled into its bone-crushing maw. Only the very strongest gatorman bokors and shamans can hope to control these primal beasts, so taming one is viewed as a show of great power.

In Deutschland werden die Privateer Press Produkte über Ulisses Spiele vertrieben und sind unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Fantasy Warehouse und TinBitz erhältlich.

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