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Witchin‘ Hour: Kickstarter läuft

Die Hexen sind los!

Welcome to Witchin’ Hour. A brand new 2-player tabletop skirmish game that pits Witch Hunters and their retinues of righteous men against foul Witches and their henchmen.

Armed with swords and unshakable faith you will hunt and fight the loathsome Witches that roam the land and prey on the weak and innocent. Or hurl deadly spells and order numerous dedicated cultists into the fray to get rid of those meddlesome soldiers.

Choose a side and determine the faith of the innocent populace of the land.

The rules presented in the rulebook give players the tools to form a warband or coven of their own liking and equip them with the weapons, spells and skills they want.

There are no restrictions to setting or time period.

The game has a new way of deploying your forces, making this phase less static and gives players the opportunity to outwit their opponent from the start.

During the activation phase models can respond to actions of the active player by using tokens. Spend your tokens wisely and thwart your opponent’s plans.

Close combat is straightforward and you can try to outbluff your opponent when choosing how many dice you will roll for the attack or defence. A single roll of the dice determines the outcome of a close combat. So no need to roll separately for to hit, wounds and saves.

WH Witchin' Hour Kickstarter 1

The rulebook is all you need to get started.
Several stretch goal add-ons might become available during the campaign that can make playing the game easier, but these items are not nescesary.

I have chosen not to include new models for this game. Since there are lots of great miniatures on the market that are perfect for the game there is no need to create new ones.
All models shown in the rulebook are from the author’s private collection and are used with the kind permission of the manufacturers. The book has a legal page where these are listed.

Witchin‘ Hour is a product of about 2 years of hard labour, from penning the initial thoughts to writing the rules, play-testing them thoroughly and designing the layout of the rulebook, etc.

The friendly folk at SkirmishWargames.com have made a play-through-video of Witchin‘ Hour! It’s a little over an hour and gives you a very good idea on how the game mechanics work.

Watch it on their YouTube channel:

So, what will you actually get?

The most important item is the rulebook. The Kickstarter campaign focusses on getting the production of the book going. Backers will then receive a hardcopy of the rules (starting from Apprentice level pledges).

WH Witchin' Hour Kickstarter 2

The general rules of the game have been written and play-tested thoroughly. At the moment I am writing and play-testing several scenarios I want to include in the book. These scenarios form a short mini campaign that follows the exploits of a Witch Hunter when he is asked to investigate the strange rumours coming from a small village.

The book will be 200 x 275 mm (to fit perfectly with other published wargame books) and contains 64 pages of full color print on 130 gr. silk finished paper. The cover will be full color printed on 300 gr. paper. The pages are sewn stitched and the books is perfect for regular use.

The layout of the book is done by a professional graphic designer (me) and includes full color photo’s of pro-painted miniatures for inspiration.

The general rules of the game are laid out first and deal with the workings of a round of play, initiative, activation of models, shooting, actions, close combat and such. The next pages explain how to gather your Warband or Coven, including a points system to balance both parties. The lists of weapons, equipment, skills, spells etc. that follow, allow players to equip and customize their models to their own liking. To make play even more interesting, the book ends with scenario’s that together form a mini campaign. These scenario’s are written with the idea that players will be invited to look at the rules and game mechanics in a different way with each scenario.

As said before, this book is all you need to play Witchin‘ Hour. Just gather your models and start hunting!

WH Witchin' Hour Kickstarter 3

Stretch goals

If the campaign becomes more successfull, several stretch goals might get unlocked. These stretch goals may take the form of freebies or add-ons. None of these items are mandatory to be able to play the game itself, but serve to make it a bit more easy or expand on certain types of play. Below you can find the initial idea of the stretch goals. If the campaign proves to be more succesfull than anticipated there are some more ideas for further stretch goals.

WH Witchin' Hour Kickstarter 4

  • At the goal of € 2000,- all pledge levels of Apprentice level or higher recieve a free pdf file with either new scenario’s or solo game play rules. At the moment it is not sure which it will be (I am not sure solo rules can be done).
  • At the goal of € 2500,- all pledge levels of Apprentice level or higher can choose to add tokens to their pledge. This can be done in the pledge manager. One set of about 90 tokens will provide you with enough tokens for a 2 player game. They are laser cut wooden tokens. The set will cost € 5,-
  • At the goal of € 3000,- all pledge levels of Apprentice level or higher recieve a free Quick Reference Sheet of the rules. This will be a full color printed A4 size sheet with a mat laminate.

Shipping costs

Shipping costs will be added later in the pledge manager. This is the case for all pledge levels. I have made an estimation of shipping costs (using the rates for parcels in case more stretch goals will be unlocked and shipping costs go up).

  • Holland: € 8,25
  • Europe 1: € 14,00 (Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Austria, Spain, UK, Sweden)
  • Europe 2: € 19,50 (All other countries in Europe excluding Russia)
  • Rest of the World: € 25,00

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