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Steam Watchers: Previews

Mythic Games arbeiten an einem neuen Spiel.

MG Mythic Steam Watchers 1

STEAMWATCHERS – What it’s all about!
Coming to Kickstarter March 3rd

Centuries of global warming have finally caused another terrible and long-lasting ice age. The seas are frozen. Several meters of ice cover the earth. Hopelessness and despair are all that many have left on the former European continent, now known only as Europa…

But under these extremely harsh conditions, clans of nomadic people have been able to fight for their survival thanks to the regular and mysterious appearance of immense columns of steam erupting all over the continent. Steamwatchers, those especially adept at spotting and even anticipating the columns, are able to guide their clans to where the next subterranean heating event will occur. This intense heating alone allows for the cultivation of food and the production of Algofuel, the sole source of power for the clans’ vehicles and weapons. But these oases of heat are blighted by a mysterious disease that has no cure, the Bane, which can lead to madness and even death.

As Clan Leader, it is your responsibility to guide and protect your people while managing the activity of your geothermal farms. You will have to fight against the other clans in a frantic struggle to control the steam columns. There can be no mercy. But beware, the more columns you control, the more your army, weakened by the effects of the Bane, will be hampered during your opponent’s attacks…

Steamwatchers is a post-apocalyptic strategy board game with miniatures for 2 to 5 players and lasts for 30 minutes per player. The game takes place over the course of 3 to 6 rounds, determined by the chosen scenario, and is a race to get 10 geothermal resources first. If no one has acquired 10 resources (steam columns and farms) by the end of the last round, whichever clan has the most is the victor.

MG Mythic Steam Watchers 2 MG Mythic Steam Watchers 3 MG Mythic Steam Watchers 4 MG Mythic Steam Watchers 5 MG Mythic Steam Watchers 6

Wir beobachten das natürlich weiter.

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