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Rui Ma: The Winter Tibet & Fish

Vorbestellbar bei Rui Ma – The Winter Tibet  & Fish Watching – eher ungewöhnliche Büsten & Figuren, die aber sicherlich für jeden Maler interessant sind…

… wobei angesichts der Preise und der Versandkosten der Kreis der Käufer vielleicht eher kleiner bleiben wird.


Rui Ma The Winter Tibet Rui Ma The Winter Tibet2 Rui Ma The Winter Tibet3 Rui Ma The Winter Tibet4 Rui Ma The Winter Tibet5 Rui Ma The Winter Tibet6 Rui Ma The Winter Tibet7 Rui Ma The Winter Tibet8 Rui Ma The Winter Tibet9

Rui Ma – The Winter Tibet

The Winter Tibet
Artist: Yuan Xingliang
Item size: H 39cm, L 29cm, W 22cm,
This item will only avilable for pre-order
Total price need add 5% paypal fee.
The pre order deposit:160 USD + 5% = 168
the final balance is 220 USD + 5% = 231
the shipping is 80 – 100USD (Different regions and countries)
Please PM me if you want to order one or more, I will reply your message ASAP.
I will calculate the exact shipping cost for you when you pay the final payment when the item ready to ship
PS:The Winter Tibet can’t sell to Hongkong and Japan ,Because These two region has an exclusive agent.
Rui Ma Fish Watching Rui Ma Fish Watching2 Rui Ma Fish Watching3 Rui Ma Fish Watching4 Rui Ma Fish Watching5 Rui Ma Fish Watching6 Rui Ma Fish Watching7

Rui Ma – Fish Watching

Fish watching
Artist: Zhou Feng 周峰-山人
Size: H: 23cm
Price 200 USD
Pre-order deposit 100 USD
Final payment 100USD
Delivery fees: not confirm yet, about 50 – 60USD
Item delivery date: mid July 2020
Please contact me if you would like to pre-order this item.
Quelle: Rui Ma FB
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