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Relicblade: Storms of Kural

Zu Relicblade läuft wieder ein Kickstarter.

Challenge Fate in the all new Two-Player Battle Set for Relicblade!

Malevolent arcane storms erupt from the moldering remains of ancient gods. At the opulent zenith of forbidden temples, bold heroes and dark champions clash for supremacy. Will you harness the languishing fury of the forgotten gods, or lay low the otherworldly oppressors to free the world from their hateful designs?

Back at the Bold Adventurer pledge level to bend the fate of the world to your iron will!!

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 1

Relicblade is a tactical fantasy miniatures game! Players recruit the ultimate squad of fantasy heroes or cruel villains as they battle over the fate of the world. Choose your path and gather the greatest warriors of the age to your cause! Enter a world of magical treasures, wonders, and horrors. Compete against rivals in the bitter struggle for supremacy! The rules are deceptively simple and easy to learn, but you’ll immediately face deep tactical choices in this dynamic battle game.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 2

This Kickstarter campaign will launch an all new two-player battle set. This set includes two full sized 100-point warbands consisting of eight powerful champions and a full deck of all-new cards. Players will also take on the rebel gods at the cursed Temples of Kural in the included scenario pack. The two-player set not only expands the game, but also offer a great entry point for new players as they explore the 2nd Edition of Relicblade!

Das ist das zentrale Pledges:

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 3

The Core pledge level includes:

  •  8 Relicblade Miniatures. High-quality, easy to assemble, and glorious to paint, one-part metal miniatures.
  •  36 beautifully illustrated Relicblade cards. Including 8 character cards, 18 upgrade cards, 6 relic cards, and 4 rules reference cards.
  •  Storms of Kural scenario pack. The set will include a compact pamphlet with intense scenarios to challenge your skills in the explosive Storms of Kural.
  •  Two-Player Token Set. Including 10 dodge tokens, 6 disabled tokens, two bind tokens, two double-sided stun/poison tokens, double-sided armor buff/debuff token, double-sided buff/debuff token, 1 target ground token, 1 double-sided spell token, 3 double-sided relic/treasure marker tokens, 1 critical wound token, and two precision measurement gauges.
  •  Signed art print. Limited edition 6″x9″ Storms of Kural art print signed by creator Sean Sutter.
  •  Exclusive Relic Card. Relic cards are the powerful unidentified magical items that are drawn from the aptly named Relic Deck. Add this exclusive Storms of Kural Kickstarter relic card to your collection!

New Players boost to the „Champion of Adventure“ tier to include the hardcover core rulebook at a steep discount!

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 4

The new deck of cards included in this set is ALL NEW. There will be the 8 character cards, 18 upgrade cards, 6 relic cards, and 4 reference cards (2x basic actions and 2x fate weave actions). The 18 new upgrade cards will include some class-specific cards, but will primarily focus on brand new universal upgrades that will be essential to the Relicblade experience!

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 5

Beginner Friendly Miniatures

Relicblade figures are cast in high-quality white metal. Some friends have expressed discomfort with this beloved miniature medium, so the Storms of Kural set was carefully designed to be as beginner-friendly as possible. All figures are cast in one piece and slot directly into the supplied base.  Players could easily play their first games without even using glue!

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 6

Relicblade bursts from the imagination of eccentric toymaker, Sean Sutter!

Strangely enough. Relicblade is the singular creation of one artist. Sean Sutter sits in his studio day and night dreaming of magical worlds. He does all of the sculpture, illustration, and game design himself. Relicblade is a work of passion and a wonderful example of the power of Kickstarter.

In 2015, Sean shifted his professional practice to focus on Relicblade full-time. Since then he has successfully funded four Kickstarter campaigns and continued to expand his creation into a vibrant fantasy world. He is driven by his restless imagination and the kind support of the Relicblade community.

By supporting the „Storms of Kural“ Kickstarter campaign, you are joining a group of patrons who make the world of Relicblade possible. Your enthusiasm is the raw magical energy that brings Relicblade to life. 

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 7

The savage Kural mountains hid many secrets. Bitter winds ruled the air, and chaotic magic seized the land. These perilous mountains once held the crown jewel of the lost empires. Here, the rulers of men knelt before a ruthless priesthood, who in turn made them slaves. The corrupt priests wielded supreme power by arcane designs. They constructed strange temples, cosmically aligned with the unknowable patterns of creation, and used the very laws of creation to bind the power of rebel gods. In the final days, the priests supreme powers served only destruction. In spite of their pride, their empires were turned to ash.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 8

In these cruel mountains, forbidding powers languished in forgotten temples. Once the opulent seat of priestly lords, they became the unwanted memories of a ruinous age. But as Darkness gripped the world, the forgotten rebel gods of Kural would not be denied their portion.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 9

Corrupting tendrils reached from the void to open minds. Sorcerers, witches, prophets, and kings heard the unnerving whispers of the bound princes. Like shadows burned into stone, the lingering presence of ancient magic called out from cryptic remains. As arcane alignments shifted, the Temples of  Kural erupted with unprecedented power and drew adventurers from every domain. Powerful magic storms surged at the zenith of opulent temples. The unbound fury of these cosmic storms threatened to utterly shatter the land. Those brave adventurers who entered the storm challenged not only the rebel powers, but strove to bend the fate of the world to their designs.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 10

From far reaching corners of the known world, great heroes join the Path of the Advocate. They are bold adventurers and noble questors.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 11

The Storms of Kural battle set includes four powerful heroes. Each hero represents a greater faction within Relicblade, and is specially designed to evoke the core principles and play-style of their faction.

The Warden of Justice

The Temple of Justice is a central beacon of hope. Ardent believers serve as the tip of the spear in the righteous quest to redeem our fragmented world.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 12 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 13

Wardens of Justice are divinely appointed protectors tasked with the care and preservation of powerful relics. They are often commissioned from among a highly specialized martial class. When warrants are served by a special council, these noble warriors will endure the most brutal tasks with stoic determination.

Lone Guard Infiltrator

The Lone Guard are an ancient order of ever vigilant rangers and warriors. These frontiersmen stand with one foot solidly planted in hope for civilization and the other entwined in the savage wilderness.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 14 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 15

Lone Guard Infiltrators specialize in covert operations deep behind enemy lines. As cruel tyrants rise in power, the razor sharp blades of the infiltrators follow close behind. These warriors carry a solemn oath to protect the innocent and a heavy burden to lay low the forces of evil.

Gnome Grenadier

The Wilderkin are a loose affiliation of individuals with fay ancestry. Their motives are convoluted and wildly varied. However, their dedication to the Path of the Advocate is unwavering.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 16 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 17

Gnome Grenadiers are beyond exotic. As members of an otherworldly Alchemist Guild, they have been known to sojourn into the wildlands according to some unseen decree. These strange little warriors apply their advanced alchemical knowledge to strange and devastatingly powerful weaponry.

Wild Elf Witch

The Lostwood Enclave may have ancestral ties to the fay realm, but they are bound together by an unyielding commitment to the changed world. They are stewards and protectors utterly opposed to the forces of evil.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 18 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 19

Powerful winds flow in unseen patterns beyond realms of understanding, so too do the Wild Elf Witches operate according to seemingly chaotic laws. They are profoundly strange, yet their uncanny powers are set firmly opposed to the Adversary. The Wild Elf Witches make exquisite allies against the trials that lie ahead.

Champions of the Adversary

As the light of hope grows, the shadows darken. Evil powers have champions of their own. Dark agents who serve darker purposes.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 20

As the Storms of Kural rage, the heroes of the advocate will not go unchallenged! Four brutally powerful champions emerge to carve a cruel destiny in the Kural mountains.

Destroyer Pig

Feral war tribes of pig men plague the world. They are a brutal and warlike people. Though barbaric and of low intelligence, the battle pigs are a dominating force born for a world of chaos.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 21 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 22

Destroyer Pigs form the center of the pig battle lines. They carry massive, brutal weapons with the power to cut a horse in half, and conduct themselves with such savagery that it fuels a violent wave of destruction.

Dark Prophet

As the rebirth of civilization bore its first fruit, a new enemy emerged. Darkness manifested as a threat unlike any other. Seemingly designed to finish the work of the apocalypse.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 23 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 24

The Dark Prophets are high priests in a profoundly evil religion. They have been granted the power to remake life in the image of death. These dark heralds wander in the vastness of the world sewing dark creation into the dying earth.

Slayer Squid

Unspeakably ancient gods slumber as their morbid tendrils reach from beyond the veil. The masters of the deep are primordial powers that have been worshipped since before the first human took shape. Strange servants have emerged from antediluvian temples, spreading into the void left in the wake of the apocalypse.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 25 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 26

Slayer Squid are as murderous as they are bizarre. Their horrible black eyes mirror the abyss, and their keen blades cut with unnatural ease.

Iguan Marauder

At the outskirts of civilization, the nomadic Iguan have established a parasitic empire. Criminal syndicates ply their sinister trades, as various factions vie for supremacy. The Wretched Hive is a predatory domain, as cruel and merciless as the sundered world itself.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 27 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 28

Iguan Marauders are battle hardened warriors. Veterans of brutal campaigns fought as hired swords, they live and die by the blade. Unusually well equipped from a lifetime of warfare, the marauders make excellent hired men, so long as your payments arrive on time.


The Storms of Kural battle set is specially designed to equip two players with amazing miniatures and a powerful arsenal of cards that perfectly represent the tactical depth and dynamic gameplay people have come to expect from Relicblade.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 29

In Relicblade, players recruit the ultimate squad of fantasy heroes or cruel villains as they battle for the fate of the world. Choose your path and gather the greatest warriors of the age to your cause! Enter a world of magical treasures, wonders, and horrors. Compete against rivals in the bitter struggle for supremacy! The rules are simple and easy to learn, but players are quickly engaged by deep tactical decisions.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 30

Relicblade „factions“ represent groups that exist within the world. However, when you enter the game as a Seeker you choose between the good or evil alignments and gather heroes or villains to YOUR cause! Will you be the fate that brings together a noble fellowship? Or will you bind wicked servants to your dark will!?

The eight powerful champions featured in the Storms of Kural battle set are carefully designed to fulfill an important role within the battle set warbands. But they have also been designed to fit perfectly into the existing faction sets for their given faction. Meaning new players will have the opportunity to get a sense for all eight factions, then freely expand into full-size faction warbands with the addition of a single faction set.

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 31

Weitere Pledges:

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 32 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 33 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 34

Stretch Goals:

Relicblade Storms Of Kural 35 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 36 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 37 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 38 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 39 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 40 Relicblade Storms Of Kural 41

Auf der Kickstarter-Seite gibt es noch diverse weitere Infos und Add-ons.

Die Kampagne ist finanziert und läuft noch 16 Tage.

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