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North Star: Neuheiten für Rangers of Shadow Deep

Die angekündigten Neuheiten für das „Rangers of Shadow Deep“ sind nun erhältlich.

Northstar Neuheiten Für Rangers Of Shadow Deep Northstar Neuheiten Für Rangers Of Shadow Deep2 Northstar Neuheiten Für Rangers Of Shadow Deep3 Northstar Neuheiten Für Rangers Of Shadow Deep4 Northstar Neuheiten Für Rangers Of Shadow Deep5

North Star – Neuheiten für Rangers of Shadow Deep

ROSD08 – Lord Arklin & Nesra 6,00 GBP

Two characters from Ghost Stone

Lord Arklin, Military commander and cousin to the King.

Nesra; Auxiliary Companion, magic user with her special ‚Detonate‘ spell.

28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.

ROSD09 – Temple Guardian Archers 6.00 GBP

These hooded and masked minions of the Shadow Deep are men whose souls have been completely corrupted and fight with an insane fury and complete disregard for personal safety or preservation. It is unclear if these men are born and raised in the dark realm or if they are captured warriors from fallen kingdoms that have been turned. Either way, they are fanatically dangerous and beyond reason.

Can also be used as Shadow Deep Cultists.

Two figures. 28mm sized miniatures, supplied unpainted.

ROSD10 – Cultist Leader 4,00 GBP

The main qualification for leadership within the ranks of the Shadow Deep appears to be ruthlessness. In fact, it is usually the best, most brutal warriors that rise to command. Their tactics normally consist of charging straight at the enemy

One figure. 28mm sized miniature, supplied unpainted.

ROSD11 – Rangers of Shadow Deep 4 6,00 GBP

Two Ranger figures for the game Rangers of Shadow Deep, one of which is a Battle-Mage.

28mm sized metal figures, supplied unpainted.

ROSD12 – Ogre 8,00 GBP

Ogres are large, primitive humanoids. While not inherently evil, they have a tendency towards violence and cruelty which makes them extremely susceptible to the corrupting influence of the Shadow Deep. Although dim by human standards, they are capable of complex thoughts, can formulate and follow plans, and even work within an organization. All of this makes them ideal shock troops in the armies of evil.

Resin model, supplied unpainted.

28mm sized figure.

Link: North Star Military Figures

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